Cheap hotels close to Clink hostel


Hi, I’ll be going on the Edinburgh trip but after booking I realized it leaves really early in the morning, so I’ll have to spend the night in London. I’d rather not stay at a hostel because sleeping in a room with strangers would make me uncomfortable and the singles are expensive. Are there any decent hotels nearby that are within walking distance of Clink hostel so it’d be easy to get there the next morning?



I’ve been trying to find a hotel around there not too expensive and I haven’t had any luck


Arriva hotel - just did a random search on google maps.

doesn’t seem too bad… about 5 mins walk from clink… according to google maps…

never stayed before though. :-/


Depends how much you’re willing to spend.

I’ve got three nights closer to Covent Garden in June for under 40 pound a night in a single room. Then right near clink for the same amount in July.