Cheap & best hotels to stay at in Paris & Brugge


Hi all, i just wanted to know if anyone could recommend any places that are close to central Paris and the Eiffel Tower if possible, that were decent to stay at and preferably didn’t cost over $100 a night. I will only be staying 3 nights in Paris but was looking for a place that was close to train stations, had free WIFI and if poss breakfast included…am i dreaming that there will be such a place??
Also i will be staying in Brugge for 2 nights so again - looking for cheap accom with brekki included and in central Brugge as i will be travelling alone.
Any help would be appreciated! :slight_smile:


Paris I am staying at the American hotel after my tour. I got a pretty good deal through my travel agent. It looks alright. 5 minute walk to the republique metro station.


Hi Trey, cheers for that :slight_smile: my travel agent was no help at all, she was suggesting places all around $200+ a night! ridiculous especially when you’re on a tight budget. that sounds like a great deal for you i might have a look at that hotel and hopefully there’s a good deal going. thanks again :slight_smile:


No probs. I told my travel agent I was on a tight budget and she was really helpful. I can’t remember how much I paid off hand but it includes breakfast and was less than $100 aud a night. It’s in the 3rd arrondissement so not far from the centre of Paris.

Did you go through flight centre? I had trouble with them when I was planning my trip and I have heard other people have had problems with them as well. They might be the biggest travel agent in the country but they have the worst customer service.


Well, may I suggest the obvious:

  2. double-check shortlisted hotels on


Wow that’s so cheap!! Mine got back to me with a place called New Opera Hotel in the opera district, transfers and a 1 day ticket to Disney for $785, I think it’s a lil pricey for 3 nights in Paris but I’m not too sure. Wow to get under $100 a night and so close to central Paris is really good! What company did u book it through??

Yeh I’ve gone through flight centre for a majority of things with my trip as I’ve been getting discount due to knowing the manager but still no great bargain haha. The pain is she is going to america for 2 weeks on Tuesday and so I’ll have to deal with her useless staff after she goes which is why I was keen to know what travel agent u went through. Thanks for all your help btw :slight_smile:

TT - I’ve been driving myself nuts looking at all the hotels/hostels in Paris and Brugge on but its hard in Paris as I don’t know what are good areas to stay at that have something’s to see/do and is close to trains/buses…any tips on locations would be greatly appreciated!!! Every hotel/hostel I’ve been looking out I pair up with trip advisor so they are both fantastic but thankyou for that suggestion :slight_smile:


Paris is pricey, so anything below $100 will be either a hostel or pretty far from the central districts. We’ve stayed in a great cheap hotel, but it is like 30-40min subway ride from the center and we had a group discount.


Yeh that’s what I was half expecting. By any chance do you remember what the hotel was called??thanks for your help :slight_smile:


It was one of the Ibis network hotels in Noisy-le-Grand (about 15km east of Paris).


ah yeh i’ve heard the ibis hotels are quite good. thanks for that :slight_smile:


Trip advisor is the best hotel resource with in depth hotel reviews and ratings.


Hi There’s a new site I came across that saved me and my partner a huge amount of $$$. Give them a try at
. We saved quite a bit more on our Paris trip than we would have via Expedia. Hotels were good and descriptions were reasonably accurate. Enjoy your trip!


Its very important to read the real reviews of the hotels and resorts before we are going to book the services through online.


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It’s not so much about which hotel is the best or that you’re from India. I’ve found in my solo travels that it’s not where you come from that matters.

Where you are right now and where you’re going in your travels is what counts. What I like to do is secure my first night of lodging and then when I get there walk around and see all the choices that are superior, you’ll discover a local place that has no web site, get recommendations from people who live in Paris and London, and find hotels that no one recommended.