Chat in the App


Does no one use the app? My trip my travel agent said their is 20 + booked got all excited to get the app and no one is on it. I’d really like to chat to some people that are going on the trip.


I have found the same thing with the trip im booked on… i leave in about 4 weeks and still havnt gotten in touch with a single person


Oh wow that is sad. I still have 14 weeks till mine I guess I will stop looking until much closer then


Yeah I’ve found the same thing but no idea how many people are booked. Which trip are you doing?


I’ve noticed the same thing with my trip in April…no idea how many are going on it though. Would love to connect with people before we depart :slight_smile: I thought it was just my app not working


That’s exactly what i was thinking and was kind of bummed. I am going on the European Getaway may 26-june 14


I thought the same! When I did my last Topdeck everyone had it, and now for this new one it’s just me. Weird.


You will love the European Getaway! I did it last year, and I just spent the Australia Day weekend with them. They’ve become family! :slight_smile:


I’ve found that too!! :frowning:


Ladies what tour are you all doing. Im having the same issue with the tour im doing.


Hi Kirsty I’m going in may on the European odyssey, I too would like to chat with people who are doing the tour :grinning:


Yeap same here.

I’m on the Eastern Spirit trip which begins on the 27th June and the app shows nobody else in the chat section.
Anyone else doing this trip?


Hey Justin! I am booked for the 27th of June Eastern Spirit trip as well! I have tried to find others for this trip as well but youre the only one I have found so far!


Have you Downloaded the TopDeck app yet? There is a group chat there where currently there are 20 people signed up as far as I am aware. The Eastern Spirit is part of a larger 24 day trip (Spirit of Europe) which we tie into. :slight_smile:
Do you have any plans beforehand? I get into Rome the day before the trip starts.