Charging on bus


How many charging points are there on a bus to charge a camera? Is there a couple that everyone has to share are there one per two seats? Thanks


Hey Ben,

There are powerpoints on board but please note that these are limited. With people charging phones, cameras, blow drying their hair etc they are often busy but you will get a chance to charge your necessary electricals.


Topdeck Admin


take a power board to suit your country that way you can charge all your things in one hit =]


taking a power board sounds like the best idea yet! do the powerpoints give out a sufficient voltage to charge multiple things?


Powerboards are best used for hostel / hotel / campsite power sources, as the power points on the coaches won’t be able to handle such a huge power outlet. Plus they’ll make you popular with your co-travellers!


Amelia Lawrence
Festivals Events and Ski Manager
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