Charging cameras, phones etc



For those who have done a camping tour (i.e London to Rome). How did you go with charging up your camera batteries etc? I’ve heard we’ll be able to plug in at the food tent and in bathrooms. How did this work out for you? Any advice?



We took a spare battery and the rotation meant that we didn’t have any problems in keeping our battery charged. If you have a car charger, you could also use the bus charger.


Hi Jena and Clinton,
I didn’t do the camping tour but the Euroclub. We brought an adapter and a 4-way power board - that way you can charge your batteries for your camera, mobile phone, notebook and still use an appliance…like a hair dryer or something.
Hope this helps.


there were plenty of opportunities to charge batteries etc on the camping trips…on the bus (you have to get in early though, they are nearly always taken, or the bathrooms and cook tent. I would advise spare batteries for the camera in case they run out when you are in the cities!