Celtic trail march-april 2017


hi there I’m travelling solo wanting to try the Celtic trail next year, possibly from march (spring) anyone else doing this tour?


Hi Hayleybells,

Still looking at doing this tour?
I have just booked but not until late June due to being on other tours.



I will be doing this tour not sure which dates yet. I see your doing the European one as well, are you doing Ireland straight after as a joint trip?



Yea doing 3 tours. Leaving the Euro one a day in Amsterdam to fly over and join the Ireland one.
I did have it better planned, but TopDeck altered the departure of my Euro one so had to shuffle things around as I had already booked flights and it cost to much to alter them…but that’s travelling I guess.
Are you planning on doing other tours or just this one to start?


Yeah I guess sometimes travelling needs to be spontaneous, sure it will work out great :slight_smile: ireland is going to be the first tour then I’ll be doing another later in the year I might volunteer somewhere. I think Ireland will be outdoorsy and fun but relaxed at the same time.



I hope your right about Ireland, im going to need something fun but relaxing at the same time.
What kind of volunteering would you look at doing?



This is a great tour! I did UK/Ireland tour last summer with Topdeck and it was so fun.


Maybe In a school or community stuff In deprived areas not sure yet. Which date in June you going? Is this and the European tour your first time travelling?


Sounds great, what would you say you enjoyed most?


It’s hard to pinpoint one place, I absolutely loved the entire trip. There are so many amazing places in Ireland! We did a Black Cab tour in Belfast which was very eye-opening to the history/conflict there. Giant’s Causeway was really cool. In Galway, it’s a really cute town you stay in. We did an extra pub crawl there which was super fun. Aran Islands was really a beautiful place - that’s an optional excursion. I highly recommend the Steak & Guinness stew at a cute little cafe up near the cliffs on Aran Islands. Seriously the best food EVER!
Kissing the Blarney Stone was very cool also. Dublin was very, very fun. That’s where we had Irish night, and toured the Guinness Factory. I don’t drink beer but Guinness Factory was a highlight for sure.


Sounds great, got a good mix. Historic, nature and fun nights so I’ll have to do it . Did you find you spent loads of time travelling from one place to the other and not have plenty of time in each place. Or was it ok?


This was my 3rd Topdeck trip and most of the places were pretty close compared to the last one I was on (Scandi Express). There was a good deal of time to explore the various places, in my opinion.


Hi Kimberly, nice to meet you ( and have someone we can get inside info from :stuck_out_tongue: )

I’m joining the one that leaves on 26th June. This will be my first time to Europe and UK. Done a bit of travel around Australia and the Pacific Islands before, but nothing this long or far away from home. Mostly traveled around my home country of NZ.
Your volunteering sounds exciting, challenging and rewarding all at the same time. Not to mention it would be a whole different experience to normal travel.

Kimberly, how did you find the group sizes and the people you were with?


Hi Scott!
Awesome! We had about 25 people on the UK tour in July 2016, for the Scandi tour I did in 2015 our bus was FULL, I think we had about 40 or so on that tour, and for Paparazzi Parade that I did in 2013, we had about 30 or so. It’s been a great mix of ages and a good mix of singles & couples too. Everyone is usually nice and welcoming. Topdeck staff are great also, they really set the tone for the tour and try to help everyone feel welcome and included.


Hi Kimberly,

Sorry for the long time to reply, been flat out getting sorted before I leave.
Thanks for the information, its starting to feel like this is actually happening :slight_smile:.

Hayley did you book/go on this tour yet?