Celtic trail August 22nd-30th


I’m Alice from Italy! :slight_smile:
Has anybody booked for the Celtic Trail starting in Belfast on August 22nd 2016?



Sunil here from Australia!

Yup I’m booked in on the same trip. Arriving in Belfast the day before i.e. 21/8

Cant’t wait!


Hey, I’m Andrea travelling solo from Canada! I’m also heading over to Belfast a day early too :slight_smile: Can’t wait to meet you guys!!


Hi Sunil and Andrea!! :slight_smile:
I can’t wait to start this tour with you too! Time is flying and August is behind the corner! :smiley:
Will you stay at Ibis Belfast City Centre on Sunday?


Yes it’s amazing how quickly it’s coming up!! And I actually haven’t even booked where I’m staying yet I’m still trying to decide :slight_smile: Is that what you’re doing?


Yes, I have already booked that hotel, as we’ll meet there our Trip Manager.


Perfect I’ll probably end up doing the same!


How old are you? I’m 29 years old.
Is it the first time in Europe?


I’m 22 and this will be my 4th time over there- I’ve absolutely fallen in love with it :slight_smile: Have you gotten the chance to see lots of Europe?


Yes I have visited some capitals and some towns in western Europe. :slight_smile:
In April I visited Berlin and I really liked it! :heart_eyes:


Awe that’s wonderful to hear!! I have yet to visit Berlin but I will definitely add that on the list :blush: I was in Italy last summer and it was amazing- you have such a beautiful country!!


Yes absolutely!! Berlin won’t disappoint you for sure! :wink: I suggest you Potsdam and Dresden too!! Potsdam is beautiful and it’s not far from Berlin. I didn’t have time to go to Dresden, but I’ve been told that it’s worth visiting it!
Did you come to Milan too? :slight_smile:
I bet that you have visited Florence! It seems that I’m the only one who hasn’t visited it yet! :joy::joy:


They sound fantastic!! I will have to make a whole trip of it I think to be able to see everything :blush: And no unfortunately not yet for Milan but yes you were right about Florence :joy: It was absolutely amazing to see all the architecture and art that was so revolutionary in the Renaissance!! I definitely recommend it :blush: Also got to see Rome and Venice!! Have you made it out to Canada or the US at all yet?


You should come to Milan, it’s beautiful! Turin is pretty too, even if it’s smaller.
I’ll visit Florence asap then!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: By next year it will be done! :smiley:
Yes, Rome and Venice are amazing! :heart_eyes:
I was in New York last August for a 2-week study vacation. It was the first time overseas! :slight_smile:
When I was there, I went to Washington DC for a weekend. It’s wonderful! :heart_eyes:
Washington is more similar to European towns. That’s why I liked it so much!
I’ve never been in Canada!
Actually my first option was the Topdeck tour Usa and Canada adventure!


Oh I definitely would love to someday :heart_eyes: They both sound so beautiful I can’t wait to get back to Italy!! New York sounds absolutely amazing too!! How did you like it!? :slight_smile:It’s amazing how different it is!! And you should definitely come for a visit and you can see the Rocky Mountains!! And that sounds like it would be an amazing trip too one of my friends from Ireland is doing that right now and is having an absolutely fantastic time!!


I see that you really like Italy!! :slight_smile:
Do you like Italian cuisine too? I think that I wouldn’t be able to live without Italian dishes!! :yum: :yum:
Even when I’m abroad, I often go to Italian restaurants! :smiley:
New York is beautiful, most of all in the evening with all the lights. I also took the ferry to see the Statue of Liberty closely! Very nice!
Canada is in my list!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’ll visit it for sure!
I can imagine that she’s enjoying her trip! :slight_smile:


Omg yes the food was also incredible!! The pasta, pizza and gelato was fantastic I was going through withdrawals when I arrived home- there’s nothing like the real thing!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: And that sounds amazing I can’t wait to see it someday!! And yes I definitely recommend it :wink: Also only 3 weeks left!!! :heart_eyes:


Real Italian food is inimitable!! :yum::yum:
Next summer maybe I’ll go overseas again… :airplane:
Yesss time flies!!! :smiley: In 2 weeks and three days we’ll be in Belfast! :tada::confetti_ball:
We’ll see wonderful landscapes during the tour!! :heart_eyes:


Oh I couldn’t agree more :heart_eyes: And yes come visit!! :yum: There’s so many places to see!! Ahh it’s insane to think how quickly it’s approaching!! That’s what I’ve heard!! Where are you looking most forward to seeing!? :blush:


I’m looking forward to seeing Galway, Aran Islands, Cliffs of Moher, Killarney and also Cardiff. I visited Dublin last year and it will be nice to go back there! :slight_smile:
What about you? :smiley:
Technical question… What kind of baggage do you think to bring?