I have been looking at the global roaming rates Vodafone charge and they are pretty pricey. Do you need a cellphone while on tour? How did everyone keep in contact with everyone else on the tour?

Thanks for your help.

Olivia :slight_smile:


I used vodaphone prepaid when I went last year and had trouble recharging while over there and prepaid credit only lasts so long.
I also found vodaphone overseas helpline number useless to get help when this was happening.
It was quite expensive to use my mob with vodaphone while in europe and went through so much money.
I would recommend shopping round (telstra, optus) to what deal is better and mayb use a plan rather then prepay.
Also take advantage of hotels with free wifi, most do but I always checked at front desk on arrival. All maccas have free wifi too!
hope that helps! :slight_smile:


Last time I went overseas, the roaming rates were phenomenal. This time I’ve just bought a cheap $49 outright nokia and am just using using the “Free” sim that topdeck provides.
I’m not using my own pohone because it’s worth a lot of money and the battery life is simply appalling, so a cheap basic unlocked phone is the better option.

The sim topdeck provides technically isn’t “free”, it requires that you load at least $20 US onto it, plus the postage if you require express registered postage. Although if you just want regular un secure postage I think it’s free.

But the rates are better.

Here’s the link if you’re interested, you just require either your booking reference or your email adress

I think everyone should take a phone, you never know if you’re going to be lost or running late to check into your hotel etc :slight_smile: