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What are you doing with yours??? Bringing it? Buying a SIM card while travelling to avoid roaming costs?[br][br]I have a blackberry and a Nokia that I used prior to the blackberry. As far as I know, my service provider works fine in Europe (GSM)[br][br]But… I think that even while my blackberry checks for emails, I am charged roaming. So was thinking I will bring my old crappy Nokia instead?? Also incase I lose my phone (blackberry is work phone, so that would suck!)[br][br]What is everyone else doing??


Hi Beets,[br][br]I had the same issue, I was going to put global roaming on my phone but decided not to because of the ridiculous charges. At this stage I think I will buy a phone that’s unlocked and put the ekit sim card that Top Deck can provide us in it… I think this will work out to be the cheapest option for me… [br][br]I’ve seen that other people are buying sim cards over in Europe but I think you have issues putting more credit on it etc from what I’ve read in previous posts… [br][br]If you go back through the older posts you might be able to find some more info! Hope this helps…[br][br]Bonnie[br]European Odyssey October 31st 2009


Hey Beets, [br][br]Ive got international roming on my phone.[br]ive looked up on the telstra site what i will be charged for internal calls, msg etc and its not too bad…im stressing to my family not to call me unless its an emergency! haha and i will buy a phone card over there to call home and use from a pay phones or hotel phones as it takes teh money off the card.[br]mostly going to txt and email home:) [br]ahhh and not sure if i would risk taking the black berry take the nokia!! [br][br][br]Tapis Trail 20 August


Top deck SIM card - Ekit.[br][br]I ended up spending about $140.00 AUD on credit. And I hardly used it. We thought that we were being charged for incoming calls but I got home and my partner had $60.00 worth of calls to that SIM???[br][br]Im still trying to find out what happend?[br][br]Spirit of Europe 23rd June 2009


I’m buying a sim card from travelsim.com.au[br][br]I’ve heard nothing but great things about this card :)[br][br]Athens to London September 7 - October 1, 2009[br][br](Travelling to Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Morocco and the Greek Islands beforehand)


Hi Tahlia,[br][br]Do you want me to get in touch with Ekit for you or are they sorting this out already?[br][br]Cheers,[br][br]Anita


Ive changed my mind about keeping my aussie sim as i learnt u get charged for ppl txting u too!!! Crazy!![br][br]Tapis Trail 20 August


I have a global blackberry phone, which I took with me overseas. I called my provider to have the global service activated, and it worked out fine.


hi anita,

i had ordered for the ekit global sim card…been 20 days now …havent received anything…my mails to ekit customer service have been of no use as they say they cant track the package beyond a point.

am doin european wonder 5th of aug…i dnt think i shall get the sim on time…is there any other way to go about it?




I would just buy a sim in Europe. But wait till you you get out of the uk because a lot of people I know had problems topping up uk phones