Casino, Monaco French Riviera


Hello All,
Just wondering what type of attire is required for a night at the casino in Monaco?
Will a pair of jeans and a dress shirt be suitable for guys or is the whole dress pants and shoes needed?
Also what about for the girls?



hey we are going here on our tour as well. woohoo lovee the cas haha.

im assuming its smart casual! i will probs end up buying an outfit over there. but a nice dressy maxi dress and heels was what i was thinking of wearing.


Hey my tour goes here too!
I’ve heard from a friend who has done a tour through here that its one of the nights when everyone dresses up really nicely, so I’m guessing a dress and heels is the way to go!!


maxi is fine… its not over the top dressy, but i would probably go black pants and a collared top for guys. I wore a maxi dress and strappy heels… but others just wore a plain black pencil skirt and nice top…


I got in to the Monte Carlo Casino just the other week with a pair of jeans, collared shirt and a leather jacket. You don’t need to go over the top dressing up. Most of the boys just wore jeans but I’d say a collared shirt is essential. For girls heels or no heels didn’t really seem to matter. Its only the public bit of the casino which is really small and not as upper class, they have the massive high rollers room roped off for obvious reasons.