Hi everyone :slight_smile:
As my departure date looms I am considering ordering some cash to get me started in Europe.

Should I get enough Euro (in cash) for the first couple of days or just stick to the reccomended amount?

Also what about Non Euro countries? Is it better to get cash before departing or use atm’s there? For countries such as Switzerland, Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland???)

Thanks for any help!


When I was there I found it easiest to use an ATM for non-EU countries. Your bank will charge a standard exchange rate commission (which will still be cheaper and a better rate than a FX kiosk), and maybe an ATM fee, but it means that you can take out what you need when you’re there.

As for EUR cash, maybe think of getting a Travelcard so you can place your cash on that without actually needing to have cash - an example is the Cash Passport.


I travelled through 9 countries, with only the first and last using the Euro. And I had no problems and very little fees with the NAB Traveller Card- worked in every ATM, you don’t get any ATM fees unless the ATM itself charges one (which, unlike Australia, they don’t- not even in Russia!) and I think it’s 4% currency conversion from your default currency to the foreign one (I kept all my money in AUD until I reached the last country, which saved converting it to Euro and then in to another currency, which involved 2 conversion fees), which isn’t really that much. I was withdrawing when I got to each country and running the money out so that I wasn’t carrying it in to the next country. It was WAY cheaper and easier than having to find a currency conversion place as soon as you got to the next city! I would take out the maximum that the ATM would allow and paying for everything in cash.

If you do end up with excess of a certain currency, make sure you change it in the next country, the further away you get the less likely they are to exchange it, even in an exchange place or bank- as I learnt leaving Latvia with Lat’s remaining and trying to exchange them in Germany!

The NAB travel card is the best one IMO- before I went I did my own comparision between the ANZ, NAB and Commonwealth, as well as Cash Passport and the AMEX one and the NAB one came out the best.


Thanks so much ladies, I have a 28 degree mastercard which I will use as a debit card and load my own money onto it. So it sounds as though atms are the way to go, thanks so much!