Carrying I.D and theft?


Hi All

Just wondering if you have to have your passport on you all the time or if its only in certain places?

Also like many people travelling to europe for the first time, you do hear stories of theft, is it really that bad over there? im sure its like anywhere else really.



Im not sure if you have to take it everywhere with you but make sure you have a copy of it in each bag just incase it gets stolen or lost. ( I know I sound crazy but its better to stay safe then sorry!)


yeah can understand having the copies.


When I did my tour I carried my passport at all times. I had a money belt which had my passports, spare cash card, and emergency money which I wore when we were in sketchy places, but most of the time it was in my day pack inside a pocket.

Theft is everywhere but if you are careful then you won’t have any problems. Just don’t walk down the street holding your wallet in your hand or in your pockets. 2 people on my tour got robbed - one girl getting out of a taxi in Barcelona with her wallet in her hand, and our driver in Istanbul got pick pocketed.

Just be careful and you will be fine. And beware of the Gypsies - they are always out to get your money


I kept my passport on me at all times during my tour last year, and I also kept copies in my other bags…

I think its safer to keep it on you, rather then leaving it in your bag in a hotel room or hostel…

My handbag was a small bag that went over one should and crossed my body, so it was always close to me… I didnt bother with a money belt as it was uncomfortable and really noticable under a tight shirt.

Just watch your stuff and dont flaunt that you have money or an expensive camera on you and you’ll be fine…


thankyou so much for you replies, very much appreciated.


I had mine in a money belt at all times. Theft does happen- a girl on my tour got her iphone pick pocketed and I caught a guy with his hand in my pocket in Rome. And if you end up in Paris, as has been said here before, watch out for the gypsies. If someone says their deaf/mute and asks for money, they’re full of shit. If they say they found a ring, they’re full of shit. If they say they just moved from Bosnia and they need money, they arent full of shit, but dont give them anything lol. But as long as you’re careful you have no need to worry, just use a bag with a zip and keep it round the front.