Carry on luggage


Hey people
so I just bought the cutest little carry on suite case… i know that the suit case has to be under 20kg and specific measurements but what about you carry on…can i bring it on the bus with me or will i have to leave it at the hotel or should i just get a giant handbag and use it as carry on???


If I were you, I just get a giant handbag or better a backpack so that not going to have a hard time carrying your suit case.


Hey Katherine,

I travelled europe all this year for 6 months and I’ll just say is keep in mind you have to carry everything!! So its totally up to you what you take but trust me you get over carrying stuff very quickly.

I would say that if you only going for a fairly sort time eg. just doing a top deck tour then heading home you should be fine with your carry on luggage.

But even carrying your bag off the plane in london then having to get on the underground. Having heaps of luggage isn’t the best thing. London is packed with people and they really don’t care about tourist with heaps of lugguge and there are heaps! and I mean heaps of stairs in europe/london so I would say choose your luggage wisely.

My top quote for europe is “take half the luggage and double the money.”

hope that helps


Hey Katherine,

I have found that a good day bag/carry on is a shoulder bag.
You can still be cute (because it’s like a big purse)
You can wear it across your chest so your arms aren’t always full
You can swing it in back or front (front if you’re in a crowded place and don’t want hands reaching into your bag)

I mean something like this:
or if you prefer more structure, pockets, and compartments, something more like a courier bag: