Carring money


when traveling in eroupe what the best way to have money I’ll have a travelex card but what I want to know is what I should I have on it all euro’s or should I have currency from all the country’s I’ll be going to knowing that some of the country’s in eroupe don’t use the euro I’m doing the mega eroupe trip and was wondering if it would be easier to have all euros and change it as I need to in each contry what should I do


Get a NAB gold banking account. You do not get charged currency conversion fees or ATM withdrawal fees and you can use it in every country


I did look at that but decsided I would be then stuck with whatever the extange rate is for the time I wont money great when the $ is so good at the moment but that wont last for ever so I’m going with travelex thanks anyway


Travelex is the option I went with… I will be taking some Euros in cash though so I can exchange it into currency for the countries that do not accept the Euro.