Carey's Topdeck story


“Hey Carey… how was your trip…what was your favorite part??” Ultimately I think there is one common thread when you ask people what the best part of their trip was. The people you meet along the way. I have been fortunate to travel to 44 different countries so far at the age 29. The experiences I have had with Topdeck tops my list. I know the popular thing is “solo” travel, and go on your own. ( blah blah blah) Which I am also a supporter of. BUT you give me a choice, and I choose group travel anyday. Its the best of both worlds combining solo travel with group travel. You can easily go on your own and meet amazing new people.Your new friends are a family. You now have friends from all over the world ( mostly hailing from OZ…and hey as an American, who doesn’t want an excuse to visit Straya?" So to begin the my story…

Landing in Cairo Egypt, was a whirlwind…to say the least. Our driver picked us up , took us through the visa process, gave us special cookies for celebrating Ramadan, and we jammed out to arabic music all the way to the hotel. For those of you who don’t know, Ramadan is an Islamic Fast for a month. Well, I was just so lucky to be here during this time. Now I know what you are thinking… Carey-don’t go to Egypt is probably your first reaction, its “Dangerous”. Mind you NONE of these people had ever been and only knew what they were told from the media. Even though I was in what you might call the biggest culture shock of my life, Ahkmed made me feel at ease. We had been on a long flight and layover from Istanbul where I actually just ended an amazing Turkey top deck tour. He said get some sleep, we leave tomorrow at 4am with the convoy, CONVOY? What…huh??? He laughed and assured me everything was ok, it was just the normal way for them to travel there after their revolution. To speed this up quickly because no one wants to read an EXTREMELY long post ( or at least I know I usually don’t…) The point I am trying to make is Topdeck tour guides made me feel comfortable, it was way more educational than I had expected as I had been on Contiki tours before but they were more “party” oriented. So there we were Two Americans, 1 Kiwi, and 5 Aussies on a convoy through Egypt. 7 days of pure laughter, relaxation, camel rides, hiking Sinai at sunrise, concurring my biggest fear of all times SCUBA DIVING, in the red sea of all places!!! After we made our way back to Cairo from Dahab, we took a river cruise on the Nile. Now, again we are in Ramadan and Ahmed is also participating which means he hasn’t ate the entire trip while we all eat in front of him. We get to the cruise and I am STARVING, the bus ride from Dahab was easily 10 hours with no food or real rest stops. We are the ONLY foreigners on this cruise and everyone is Muslim except for us. Feeling like the minority, we decided to wait to eat until everyone else could. Side note: I also have a tendacy to get HANGRY. The people on the cruise were amazing coming to our table and having us get up to traditional egyptian dances with them not once making us feel like an outsider. This experience is hard to capture with words…but I have a few videos I will share to help tell my story!!