Capricon Suntanner March 3rd


Hi everyone…

Anyone doing the Capricon Suntanner March 3rd tour? Its the 12 day tour… looks amazing! Wondering if any fellow travellers are on the forum… B-)



Hey!! I will be on this tour as well!!

Not long now!!!



Hey! Good - am glad! Just went for a 3 day trip along the Great Ocean Road… was a very fun tour and met loads of interesting people! Are you in Australia already Kelly?


Sure there will be a whole load of us!!

No I’m still in the UK, I’m just doing the trip as a holiday!!! Only get 2 weeks off from work!! I fly out a few days before and fly back when the tour finishes!! Wish I could stay longer though!!

How long have you been in OZ? Where are you from?


From India… Been here for a month, got another month before I start this trip! Just went for the Australian Open today! Looking forward to meeting all of you :slight_smile: