Capri Day trip



I wanted to check if its worth doing a day trip to Capri from Rome ?
I don’t the additional comfort of extending my current trip I am booked on Roman Chariot starting 15 June.

The flight I am booked on is extending my trip by a day. I am unable to make up my mind to spend one more day in Rome or to take off on a day long trip to Capri. I happened to check and they do a day trip to Capri in 13 hours, departure at 7.30 am.

The reason why I am considering this as after spending time in Florence and Rome, I would be kind of bored looking at churches and musems, so a beach and island would be refreshing change.

But I am not fully sure about this, so do let me know your views.

Another thing, my flight is departing at 6.55 am, What time should i leave Rome to get to airport. Someone I know suggested that if you are doing a day trip to Capri then spend the night at the airport, doesnt sound interesting but can save a few bucks. Need some more thoughts on this ?



I would definately take this day trip…I have been to capri several times because I like it so much. It is one of my favorite places in the world to go. You will have a blast if you go there, and if they stop in sorrento for a few hours that is an added bonus (sorrento is where you get your ferry to capri) definately dont pass this opportunity up



Definitely get to Capri if you can! It is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and is a nice, relaxing change from the bigger cities. I’ve been twice, and would go back in a heartbeat!


I didnt enjoy our day at Capri but it might have been partly due to the weather, it is very pretty but it was raining and there wasnt alot that we could do. It is also very hilly with lots of steps and steep roads which would be hard work if it is very hot but it depends on how many day you have spent in Rome I’m sure there are always more things you could do there. I would do some research and see what there is to do on Capri and see if that balances out with what you might still want to do in Rome. hope this helps


Capri is definitely worth the day, especially in summer when you can hire boats and swim/snorkel in the Grottos. You are better spending one or two nights down there, though, instead of going all the way down for one day from Rome and then back. Either way, Capri is stunning and has everything you can want out of an Island in the Bay of Naples - swimming, sun (99% of the time), bougainvilia flowers everywhere, Roman ruins atop scenic lookouts and even movie stars! Fez :slight_smile: