Cancelled Tours


Hi Guys,

My tour has just been cancelled due to low numbers. Very annoyed because I was offered the pick of 2 dates only for one to be sold out - now I

miss the midnight sun. [v] :’(

Has anyone else experienced this and what did you do??



My European Pioneer tour got cancelled which was kinda annoying, but I was lucky that I could make the next departure work for me. I had also booked my Britain & Ireland tour too & with the changed European Pioneer dates, it meant I also had to change my Britain & Ireland tour too because otherwise they clashed.

The only problem now is that the new Britain & Ireland tour departure date isnt a guaranteed departure so I am really hoping this one goes ahead!

Is there a similar tour that you can switch to?


We had booked everything around this tour we were arriving a week early and have paid for accomm & rental car. Then once the tour ended we had a further two weeks in Finland with accomm & car rental all paid for once again - not to mention the leave we have orgainised with our job. Not to mention the change of flight for me & my husband is $500pp because they want us to pay the fare difference plus airline fees. The first date they offered us was by mistake because they didnt look close enough at the numbers and told us it was sold out. And then the second date they offered misses the midnight sun. We considered a different tour but we didnt want to pay any extra, my husband doesnt want to go to russia and if some of the other tours miss half of scandi. Am still very annoyed with all of this.


Did you not take out travel insurance? you should be able to claim additional expenses.


Yeah I took out travel insurance. My travel is trying her best with her airline rep before we use travel insurance.