Cancelled Tour



My tour, the European Pioneer on the 25th August was cancelled…
But, now i am on the tout departing the 21st Ausgust :slight_smile:
anyone else on this tour??

only 2 more months to go :):slight_smile:



Hi Alex,
Yes I am going to be on that tour departing 21st August… Can’t Wait! I am also doing the Britain/Ireland tour from 7th August.

When are you arriving in London?



yay i have finally found some one on this tour haha…
I am arriving the 20th, the day before we leave.
when do you arrive?



Hi Alex,

I am arriving in London on 1st August, as I am doing a 14 day tour around Britain/Ireland first. Are you doing any other tours while over there?


Hi Shannon,

I am only doing the 1 tour but travelling before and after the trip with family :slight_smile:
We could probaly catch up at the clink (If you are staying there) the night before and find some other people on the trip.



Hi Alex,
I finished my Britain and Ireland tour on 20th August and am staying the clink, so there is a big possibility that we will meet up that night!



Hi Alex & Shannon,

I am also going on the European Pioneer on August 21!

I am getting pretty excited.



Hi Britt :slight_smile:
nice to meet you! it is getting closer now, I can’t wait :smiley:



Hi Britt

Nice to meet you… I have 38 days till I leave. I can’t wait, I just hope that I can fly due to the ash cloud! :’(


Hi Shannon,

I am sure your flight will be fine! I am jealous you leave in 38 days. I am in finishing up university over the next 38 days.
I look forward to meeting you!



Hey all, I am getting super excited and it’s great to finally find others who will be on this tour :). We will be staying at Clink 78 on 20 August, I hope you might all be there too. I love checking off the days on my calendar … super excited!!. I agree with Shannon on the whole ash cloud issue, our flight agency wouldn’t give us interruption insurance on it.
… might be worth checking that out too Shannon.