Cancelled tour :-((


Hi everyone,

I’ve just found out that my Bravo Italia tour has been cancelled and am totally shattered!! It seems that changing my airfare to fit on to another tour will just cost too much. So, I’m wondering if anyone else is in Italy from June 18 and looking for a travel buddy, as it now appears I will be doing it on my own.

Fingers crossed!


Thats bad news, I know how you feel I had a tour cancel on me for my holiday next month!!(not with topdeck) I was able to get on another tour with a different company that was similar and the dates almost fitted just had to move one flight back a day. Have you had a look around for something else that may be workable??



Thanks for reply. I din’t actually think to look at another company but will do so now.

Fingers crossed,



Did you also check with your insurance? If you’ve already taken out insurance and they cancel the trip, your insurance should cover the cost of moving flights.



Hi Hun,

Most insurance won’t cover a change by a travel provider of tour operator… It’s normally only if you fall I’ll and your unable to travel, extreme weather conditions etc.