Canadian Rockies


Hey Everyone!!
Has anyone booked in on the Canadian Rockies tour next year?? I have booked this tour departing 9th September and then heading down to LA to do the LA-NYC Cross country departing 21st September!! Hopefully all the tours go ahead! I am already excited and it is 10 months away!!


Hi Caroline,

im still tossing up between undertaking the Canadian rockies tour also to leave on the 9th of sept or the LA to NYC but still trying to make up my mind. at the moment it looks like i will be going on my own :). i havent booked yet but im super excited about the thought of it


Hi Caroline,

A couple of friends and I have booked the Canadian Rockies, leaving on the 9th September as well :). Following that tour we are going to LA and doing the Southwest Adventure.

Getting very excited now.



hi ladies,

awesome to see others are also undertaking this tour (9th sept). im getting ready to book on the weekend. very very excited



Hi ladies,
are any of you heading directly to vanvouver before the trip or are you spendign time in LA instead?. Air Canada fly directly ( only ones) to vancouver which is awesome if you didnt want to have the hassle of the connecting flights. im goignt o fly direct and spend a few extra days in vancouver instead.

Emma :slight_smile:


Hi Ladies,

I have just booked to go on the Canadian Rockies tour leaving 9th Sept. I will be in Vancouver for around 10 days before the trip departs (Im working at a summer camp in Toronto till the 26th August). Are any of you planning on staying in Vancouver before hand for a couple of days before the trip?


Hi Kristy,
i arrive the day before on the 8th and fly out very late on the 20th so no spare time to hang around unfortunetly.

Cant wait to meet everybody:)