Canadian Rockies Tour June 26th 2016


Hey everyone! Booked the Canadian Rockies tour starting on June 26th 2016. Anyone else booked this tour? :blush:


Hey @SarahT I will also be on this tour riding solo next year :slight_smile: Are you going with friends, or by yourself?


Oh awesome! I’m flying solo too! First time traveling overseas on my own too, a bit nervous! I’m so excited though. June can’t come quick enough! Have you done much traveling?


Im exactly the same @SarahT ! Only travelled to USA when i was 12 with my family, but first ever trip by myself! Canada has been on my bucket list forever, so I’m super keen! Are you just going for the 11 day tour? or travelling afterwards?


It’s been on my list too so I can’t wait. I’m in Vancouver for 2 days before and after the tour because I’m a teacher and have to go back to work :pensive: What about you?


That sounds amazing! I’m very jealous! Do you think we’ll have many people on our tour?


Hi, my name is Lea, i am also going solo i am doing the West Coast Cruiser Tour, this starts in Los Angeles and we travel the west coast then i met up with your tour on the 26th and do Canada.
Sooooo excited,


I am also planning for it!

How much it will cost overall?


I’m in Vancouver 3 days after the tour aswell so still deciding what to do. Ill be heading over to Toronto swell for a couple of weeks. Have you got anything planned for the two days after the tour? @SarahT


Not yet! Except a visit to Sephora haha! That sounds amazing! Wish I could be doing more but I have to come back to work. My cousin has decided to come on the tour so I’m no longer a solo traveller haha! Do you live in Australia?


Lucky you, nobody else was interested in canada to join me. But i like travelling solo swell so I’m not fussed! And yes i do! You too? @SarahT


We’ll look after you :slight_smile: Yep I live in Melbourne! Tour starts 5 months tomorrow!!! Eeeekkkk! Can’t wait!


Hey all! I’m thinking about doing this tour but I don’t want to be the old person on the trip - I’m going to be 34 :open_mouth: … how old is everyone else that’s booked?


Hey guys! I’m super excited to meet you all :smile: I’m Rachel, from Sydney and am super keen to finally see Canada! Where are you all from? xx


Hi Sarah_D! I’m Sarah and I’m 28 and my cousin who is also coming on the tour is 29, so you’re not a whole lot older than us!

Hi Rachel_Dunn! How exciting is it, only just over 3 months to go! I’m from Melbourne :slight_smile:


Hi @Sarah_D I’m only 19 but I’m sure we’ll all have a ball regardless of age!!
@Rachel_Dunn I’m from sydney too :smile: soooo excited!


Hi Sarah_D did you end up booking the trip?

In the previous tours I’ve been on age differences were never a problem… except that time I booked a sailing tour on my own with only retirees!

Getting excited for Canada!


Hi Sarah, I’m Kristie and I’m 30. I’ve been on a few organised tours and age was never a problem :slight_smile: Looking forward to meeting you all in Canada and seeing some beautiful sights!


Hi Rachel, I’m from the Central Coast:) Where abouts in Sydney are you from??


hi sarah i am 28 years old and going on this trip :smile:
did you end up booking