Canadian rockies - sept 18th dept


Hey, looking at booking onto this one once i hear back from work. I will be a female solo traveller from the uk. Is anyone else booked /booking onto this?

Thanks :blush:


I’m looking at this, haven’t decided yet though, but I’d be going alone, from Canada.


Ah cool. There are a couple of others on another theead that have booked onto this and are coming from Australia. Where abouts in canada are you coming from? Im spending 3 weeks out there :blush:


Manitoba, so about the worst part of Canada haha


Why is it the worst part? Haha


Its just insanely boring, all prairies and nothing fun to see haha


Haha ok then. In that case you should seriously consider this tour! :blush:


Hi Ladies I’m Amy.

My partner and I have just booked to go on this tour. We are from Australia. Have you both decided if you will be going yet?

Also I was thinking of creating a facebook group for everyone who is going to join, so we can get to know each other a bit before we go and see what other plans everyone has for Canada and the USA.



Hey amy

Im all booked onto this one. I fly into Vancouver the day before and then am staying in van for a few more days before flying off to ottawa.

What are you and yor partners plans?

Im game for a facebook group :blush:



YAY looking forward to meeting you.

We get in to Van the evening before and the have an extra 2 nights in Van after the tour before going to Nigara Falls.

Whats your name on FB and where are you from so I can find you and add you :smile:



Hey guys! I booked this tour a couple of weeks ago!! Really looking foward for the trip. Will be travelling solo from Brazil.
I’ll get to Vancouver the day before and will stay for a couple of days after the tour before heading back home.

Look foward to meeting you all.




I have created the FB group whats your full name and location so I can find you and add you.



Hi all,

I’m also looking into booking this trip. I will be travelling solo from Sydney. Fingers crossed I can get the time off work!



Hi Vanessa,

What’s your email address and I’ll add you to the group or you can go to this link and request to be added :smile:

Look forward to getting to know you.



Hi all,
Also hoping to book this trip once my leave has been approved! I will be travelling solo from Melbourne Australia- have requested to join the fb group :slight_smile:


Almost certain that I’ll book the trip the next week. I’m from Brazil and I’ll be already in Van before the trip. Looking foward to meet you all and have lot of fun!