Canadian Rockies June 11th


Hi! I’ve booked for this trip and travelling solo, Anyone else on this tour yet?
I’m from Melbourne, Australia. This will be my first real overseas trip.

Planning on spending a week travelling around Canada before the tour. Anything I should see?



I did not book this trip yet, but planning on going tho :slight_smile:
I’m from The Netherlands and also travelling solo, I did some other Topdeck trips and they were amazing so really looking forward to join one again!

Not too sure what else you could see, I did heard Calgary is also a nice city to visit. I will probaly spend some extra days in Vancouver after the trip and planning on flying to San Francisco as I heard many good stories about the city.


Hey :slight_smile: I’ll be on this trip too. I’m from Adelaide. This will be my second time going with Topdeck, super keen!


Awesome! Not too much longer to go now. Will be good to see what numbers we have in our group!


I’ve booked this trip a while ago and travelling solo. I’m also from Adelaide… looking forward to the trip :slight_smile:


I’m pretty sure I’m on this trip too! I’m doing the West Coast Cruiser before though which meets up with this one. Also travelling solo from Australia!! Can’t wait :slight_smile: