Canadian Rockies July 7th 2017


Hi, My name is Chloe and I’m from Western Australia. I am travelling solo and this is my first Topdeck trip. Would love to get to know others who are also doing this trip before hand. I am very excited about the Calgary stampede and cant wait for this trip to start.


Hi Chloe, my name is Kelly and I am also booked onto this tour. I am from Scotland. I am also a solo traveller and like you this will be my first Topdeck tour. I can’t wait to go as the tour sounds amazing! I know I am really looking forward to the calgary stampede too :grinning:.


Hi Kelly, have you done much travels before? I’m glad to know I wont be the only one going solo :smiley:
Planning everything makes me so excited but its still so far away :disappointed_relieved: haha


Sorry I thought I would get notifications about this thread but forgot to check the box at the bottom, oops. So sorry for the late reply :joy:. I haven’t done too much travelling, what about u? I know I can’t wait to go. Are you staying in Vancouver before the tour starts?.


haha, all good. Yeah me either only within Australia and I’ve been to France on a school trip.
Yes, ill be in Vancouver for a couple days before hand. What about you?


Yeah I will be in vancouver for 2 nights before trip and after the trip ends.


+2 lads from Perth, WA. Where you from in WA Chloe?


Hi Brent I’m from down south just north of Albany.


Hey all, my name is Michael.
As Brent mentioned me and him are both from Perth.
We are doing another trip before this one so will only arrive in Vancouver the day before the tour starts.
How far North Chloe?


Hi Michael
About 45mins north, just outside Kendenup near Mt Barker
I’m also doing another trip before this one but I get to Vancouver on the 5th


Hi Chloe, and the two boys! I am from Queensland,Australia and im travelling solo too! are you guys doing the calgary as well? :slight_smile:


Heey Chloe i am travelling solo too from Australia, i get there a few days before the trip too


Hey, im travelling solo from Australia! are you guys excited?


Yeah isn’t everyone doing Calgary if you’re on this tour? haha. Were doing the maple trail topdek tour before hand and than will get to Vancouver a day before. Cant wait, me and mcloutt did a contiki through the states a couple of years ago and it was insane! Whats everyone doing before the tour?


Yeah can’t wait!! I know a few people that have been to Canada recently and said it was amazing.
If only my holidays started sooner


Hahaha yeah sorry my mistake :joy: Im arriving at the hotel 3 days prior just to sight see etc which hotel are you staying at before the contiki starts, how old are you? :slight_smile: we should meet up the day before and all do some sight seeing if youd like?


Same! im so excited! how old are you? :slight_smile:


Not sure yet on the hotel, but we will be staying at the hotel the tour starts from. Yeah will definitely be keen to check out the sights, we will be coming in the day before but not sure on what time yet.


Okay everyone, I have created a group on Facebook for anyone who would like to join!


Hey guys yes I’m so excited, where about in Australia are you from Mietta? I’m almost 19 what about you?
I would love to meet up with you guys before the trip too.