Canadian Rockies dpt 3rd September 2017


Hi all, my name is Laura. I’m from Melbourne…have booked this tour super early but am hoping to get to know a few people before we arrive! Anyone else out there doing this tour - I tried replying to you Emmy!


@Lauz Hi there, I will travelling on this tour with a friend! We are also from Melbourne.
However, we begin our traveling in Los Angeles and make our way to Vancouver to join up with this tour.


That’s ace! LA is cool, I love America. Canada should be amazing too, can’t wait…


Hi Laura, I have just booked this trip…so excited. I am travelling from the UK and on to Ottawa after!!!


Hi Lisa! That’s great! I’ll be in Vancouver a couple days early and stay a couple days longer…am looking forward to getting away again & meeting new people :slight_smile: Feel free to add me on Facebook (surname Curtin)!


Hey, I’m so excited :grinning::grinning::grinning: I’m just hoping the trip is guaranteed, did you book your flights? I will find you on fb


I’m getting excited too…it seems like ages away - but it’ll come round quick. Haven’t booked flights yet - not until the tour is confirmed or I’ll pay fees for changing the flight etc.


Hi Jordan, I’m from Melbourne and flying into Los Angeles/making my way up to Vancouver too!


Hi Guys/Laura, my name is Emmy and would love to chat to a few people! Add me on FB - Emmie De La Fontaine :slight_smile:


Hi All,

My name is Steven. I am going to be doing this tour but paying it off and trying to save like crazy. I will be travelling from a small town called Biloela in Queensland. This will be my first trip overseas by myself and hopefully many more to come. Just wanting to start seeing the world and meeting heaps of awesome people and making lots of friends. Living life.


Hi Steven, that’s great! You’ve started now…you won’t wanna stop…I wish I could travel for life! This is my 3rd trip (2 previous Contiki’s). Keep chippn away at the savings, you’ll get there & can’t wait to have a blast in CANADAAAAAA!!


Hey everyone, my name is Connie and I just booked this trip in :blush: I’m from Canberra and this will be my 5th Topdeck trip. So keen to meet everyone. Feel free to add me on Facebook ( Constance Kanaridis)


Hey everyone! My name is Jessica and I just booked this trip today! It’s my first time traveling alone :grimacing: I’m from the states so I kept it close to home for my first time.


Hi Jess!! How exciting for you! This is my 3rd trip (previous two with Contiki to your neck of the woods, the US). I’m looking forward to meeting some new friends & going on new adventures… I just added you on Facebook!


Hi everyone, I just booked this trip. I’m from Sydney and i’m getting so excited. This will be my first trip out of australia and also my first solo trip. :slight_smile:


Hi Caitlen! How exciting for you…for all of us! This is my 3rd solo trip, 1st time to Canada.


I’ll be in Vancouver the day before we start the tour. If you’re there that day we should meet up :slight_smile:


Definitely…I’m arriving on the 1st and staying a couple days after!


Do you have the Topdeck app?


No I don’t…I should prob get it - can you private message ppl on it??