Canadian Rockies departing 7th May 2018!


Hi everyone! :slight_smile:

My names Christine. I’ve just booked in this tour for 2018! I’m 24 (will be 25 by the time I go on this trip) from Brisbane!

It’s my first time travelling solo so would love to chat to anyone who is doing (or has done) this tour! I know I’ve booked it quite early but I’m hoping the time will fly by! I’m so excited as Canada has been one of my top bucket list destination for as long as I can remember!

I’m going to stay either before or after the tour finishes for a few days in Vancouver as well! Bit daunting but so exciting!

Can’t wait! Hopefully these months go super quick! :slight_smile:



My name is Monique. Hopefully will be booking this trip in the next few weeks. I’m 30 from Melbourne and this is also my first time travelling solo. Canada is also at the top of my bucket list and has been for a long time. Can’t wait to get over there and see everything.

I’m going to be staying a couple of extra days in Vancouver bother before and after the tour and then I’ll be flying to Calgary for some exploring on my own. Are you heading over to the east coast and doing any tours?

Hoping time will go by super quick as I have been waiting way too long for this trip. :grinning:


@Mon_1987 @Christine_Cooper The Rocky Mountains in May can still be cold at night, but the coast should be really nice and warm. Bring a coat. I’m thinking of this trip, or just going solo to Vancouver and maybe Vancouver Island. Maybe even go back to the Rockies because I want to climb one the summit trails which I never did. In my opinion the Canadian Rocky Mountains are the nicest parks I’ve been to, topping even Yosemite and the Grand Canyon lol I know - bold thing to say. I visited Jasper and Banff Parks. Watch for bears. :bear:


Hi Monique, I’m also looking at booking this tour in the next week or so, it’s not my first time traveling solo but my first trip to Canada :slight_smile: looking at staying a couple of days in Vancouver beforehand also. Where abouts in Melbourne are you from? I’m on kensington


Hi Nessa, I’ve actually changed my trip around and I am now doing the Canadian Rockies tour at the end of May. I’m doing the east coast of Canada to start with and finishing off on the west coast before coming home. I’m in patterson lakes, south eastern suburbs.


Ahhh nice, we’ll all the best on your travels then :slight_smile: