Canadian Rockies (Calgary) 5th July to 16th July 2018


Hey everyone!

My name is Cassie and I’m going on the Canadian Rockies (Calgary) tour leaving 5th July to 16th July. It’s my first time to Canada and I’ll be going solo.

Just wondering who else is on this trip as it would be great to hear from others who are going on this trip too!


Hi Cassie!

Good to hear you’ll be coming along along on the Canadian Rockies trip :slight_smile: Feel free to say hello on

You’ll find a few more us there who’ll be coming along on this trip :slight_smile: and by the looks majority of everyone are solo travellers so far!

Leland :slight_smile:


Hi Cassie!

I’m Hannah, and I am 20 from Brisbane Australia. I am coming on this trip and I am very excited - however I am a tad nervous as I am going solo too.
Where are you from?


Hey Leland!
Thanks for sending through the link :smiley:
I’ll talk to you all there.



Hey Hannah!

Nice to hear from you. I’m a tad nervous too. I’m glad to hear there are more solo travellers on the trip.
I’m from Sydney Australia.
When do you arrive in Vancouver? I’ll be there on the 3 July.

Cassie :slight_smile:


I arrive on the 4th of July, I will be in Idaho (USA) for 12 days before hand.
Where are you staying? I haven’t booked any accommodation yet! When are you leaving Vancouver after the tour?


Hi again Cassie :slight_smile:
I’m so sorry I just realized there were two different groups for the Calgary trips rather than the one, as mine is from the 9th to the 20th July.
I do recommend though, downloading the Topdeck App on your phone were you’ll be connected in big group chat with all other tour members :slight_smile:
Hope you enjoy your trip and may even see you up there!
Leland :slight_smile:


Thanks for the tip, I’ll download the app :slight_smile:
Hope you have a good trip too!


Hi Cassie and Hannah

I’m coming on the tour as a solo traveller too and I’m 20 from Sydney, Australia! Day 3 (7th) is going to be my 21st birthday.
I’m visiting a friend in Toronto for a week and flying into Vancouver late on the 4th and staying at the YWCA which I believe is the meeting point.
Does anyone have tips for packing? I like to pack light but I keep getting told to pack for all weather.


Hi Jen
I’m from Sydney too!
That’s so awesome it will be your 21st! The group will have to celebrate!
To be honest I’m struggling with what to pack. I was thinking of packing a mix of both summer and warm clothes as some places we are visiting are a lot cooler than some. I’m definitely packing a warm jacket that rolls up neatly into the luggage.
My last top deck tour provided a list of what to pack. I’m hoping we will get sent something similar soon!