Canadian Rockies and The Maple Trail July 2018


Hey everyone,

I’m doing The Maple Trail on the 1st July to 8th July 2018 and Canadian Rockies (Calgary) 9th July to 20th July 2018.

Just wondering who else is on these trips as I’m going solo would be nice to chat to others before departure!


I’m also doing the Canadian Rockies 9th - 20th July 2018. I’m going solo so I’m terrified and excited! I believe we will also be linking up with people on the West Coast Cruiser trip to explore Canada, a thread was started a little earlier for that :slight_smile:


Awesome! It is great to hear that there will be other solo travellers too. I’m so excited! I have commented on the other thread also :slight_smile:


I’m also looking at doing the maple trail then heading over to Vancouver for a few days before heading back to the US. I’m still working out dates but I’m fairly sure it will be the 1st July at the moment.


g’day I’m looking at booking the same two tours just wondering how you are working the flight between Toronto and Vancouver?


I haven’t booked my flight yet but there seems to be a flight almost every hour from Toronto to Vancouver. Probably aim to be on a flight around 11am/12pm.


Thank you I have decide to go on another tour I’m now doing West coast cruiser


Hi I’m thinking of doing the same two tours as well during the same dates! Would also be going solo


I have booked the Maple Trail and will be flying to Vancouver after the tour ends but I am not doing the Canadian Rockies