Canadian Rockies 9th July 2017


Hi all, my name is Cheyenne. I’m from Australia and have booked in my Canadian Rockies tour very early! Will be going on the trip departing July 9th 2017. Would love to hear from anyone going on this trip too!


Hi, I’m looking at this trip. If I booked I’d be going on the 11th June which is a shame as It’d be good to know someone else on the same trip. I hope you enjoy it though.


Hi Cheyenne,
I’m Tegan and I’m also booked on this tour :slight_smile: I’m doing the West Coast Cruiser and I think my tour joins with this one. Where in Australia are you from? I live in Melbourne :slight_smile:


Hii… I’m also join your group please share more detail how to join it.


Hey Tegan,

That’s awesome! I’m so excited for the trip, cannot wait! I’m from the Sunshine Coast. When does your west coast trip begin?



Which trip will you be on, Canadian Rockies or West Coast?


I’m so excited too! Cannot wait haha my west coast trip starts on June 25th. Have you done a Topdeck tour before?


No, it’ll be my first one. Actually first time travelling solo, kinda excited about that part too. Have you?


Yeh it’s my first one too! But I’ve travelled solo a fair bit :slight_smile: are you planning on staying in Vancouver after the tour ends? I’m thinking of doing a couple of extra days to have a look around.


Oh nice! I’m getting to Vancouver the day before. But I’ll be heading to Europe on another top deck tour straight after so wont have a chance to stick around any longer. So pretty keen. Anyway, look forward to meeting you when the tour starts :slight_smile:


Oh that’s exciting, sounds like you’ve got a big year of travel lined up :blush: Yeh can’t wait till the tour starts, look forward to meeting you too :blush:


Hey guys,
Im from Sydney and im doing the Westcoast cruiser starting July 9th!


Hey! Im not sure how to use this forum haha but im going on this tour too!


Hello Everyone,
Im Simon and booked onto this tour (Rockies) as a solo traveler as well. Pretty excited, haven’t really traveled solo before so not too sure what to expect. I’m from the Hunter Valley, NSW.
Looking forward to meeting everyone, having a good time and hopefully seeing a bear or two :grin:.


Hey everyone,
My name is Priya. I’m also heading to the Rockies on the 9th of July.
I’m from the Queensland, Australia.
This is my first solo trip and a topdeck one too.
Anyone else travelling solo? It would be great to chat before the departure date.


Hey Priya,
This’ll be my first solo trip, can’t wait!


Hi guys, my name is Remmi I’m from Victoria, Austraila. I’ve just joined the Canada and Rockies tour on the 9th of July! I’m going solo and this is my first time going overseas :grin: looking forward to meeting you all!


Not long left to wait, so pumped right now…


Hi, Sorry for joining late
My name is Candice I am from Melbourne Australia I am also joining this tour. I am travelling solo for my first time also being my first topdeck tour.
Pretty excited