Canadian Rockies 6th - 16th August 2018


Lovely, that’s great to hear :slight_smile:️ I wonder if I will be the only Brit! Lol :joy: x


I’m so much more excited after reading this thread - I just booked this tour as well and will be travelling solo at this stage. I’m from Sydney :slight_smile: Super excited to meet you all and Jess, I’ve just requested to join the FB group x


IHey all!

So I’m looking into this one for this date and thinking this one would be perfect - have always wanted to do this trip. I’ve previously done two European topdeck tours, so figure I should branch out and try another continent!

In the past I’ve always picked the dates most active in forums where there’s a FB group and everyone is chatting beforehand with lots of solo travellers like me :joy:

I’m from Sydney Aus. Thinking of doing The Maple Trail 29 July - 5 August first then heading to West coast for Canadian rockies (or is that crazy having one day between tours haha) open to any other ideas???


Hi Rachel!

Sounds like a fab idea :heart_eyes:

Where does the Maple Trail end? Having one day in between would def make me nervous :rofl:

Jess x


Hi Everyone!!

I’m signed up for the West Coast Cruiser trip with USA and Canada and looks like I join up with you guys on the 6th which I’m incredibly excited for!!

First time travelling solo from Australia and first time Topdeck traveller.

Very excited and looking forward to meeting everyone :slight_smile:

See you all soon!


Hi everyone! Me and my partner will also be joying the group. We are coming from Sydney :slight_smile:

and doing some travel around before and after the tour

So excited for it!!!