Canadian Rockies 6th - 16th August 2018


Anybody else booked onto this trip yet? :slight_smile:



I have booked this tour. I’m pretty excited about it!



:clap:t3: exciting!

Have you been on a topdeck tour before?

Where are you from? X


This is my 3rd Topdeck trip, I did 2 last year around Britain, Ireland and Europe.
I also have another one planned for this trip to America.
I’m from Sydney and travelling by myself. What about you? Is this your first Topdeck/first time in America/Canada?


That’s cool! I have done one trip with them last year - I did the coast to coast trip from NYC - LA. It was amazing! What tour in America are you going to do?

I’m from England going on my own too :hugs: X


Planning on doing Sunshine States which is from NY - New Orleans. And then hopefully a bit of solo travel around to a few places I want to see. If I can budget myself and save enough I’m hoping to be over there for 6-7 weeks.
My travel agent said this trip usually fills up pretty quickly, especially for guaranteed dates so I’m assuming we will have a full house.
Are you planning any extra travel while you’re over there?


Hi Laura,

Sorry it’s taken me so long to respond!

That sounds amazing! I’m very jealous! Unfortunately for me it will only be a 17 day trip… I have a few days either side in Vancouver but hoping to move around a little bit to do other things like killer whale watching :heart_eyes:.

I’m super excited! Can’t believe we still have so long to wait!

Jess x


Also Sunshine states was the first half of my trip last year - it’s amazing! X


Oh cool, good to hear positive stuff about Sunshine States, I haven’t seen too many people post about it.

It is so far away but I’m hoping that time will fly! Although I have a lot of planning and saving to do between now and next August!


Hi @jmaslen2 That’s awesome you did the full US trip. What did you think of Carolina and Georgia?


Hiya everyone!

After doing 3 topdeck trips last year going to 24 countries all up solo, i’m trying to figure out where to go next! Thinking about this trip, anyone heard anything? :slight_smile: cheers!


Hi cam_steele,

I haven’t heard too much about this topdeck tour specifically, but I have heard that the Canadian Rockies are a must! I did 2 topdecks in 2016 and like the format/style they provide so thought I’d give it a go for Canada/America.

My travel agent has done a similar tour to this and loved it and I trust her opinion as well.

Hopefully you book on the tour as well!



Hi all,

My name’s Ali and I’ve just booked on this trip. Very excited!!


Hi everyone!

Sorry I haven’t replied!

The New York to LA trip I did was the ‘coast to coast’ trip so I didn’t do Carolina etc.

I’m super excited about this trip - I can’t believe we still have so long to wait :weary: xxx


I’ve just paid for my tour and flights! :grin:

I will try and set up a group on facebook for us all to join - please try searching :slight_smile: I will name it:

'Canadian Rockies Topdeck Tour 6-16th August 2018



Hey! I’m Nicole from NZ and I’ve just booked on this trip! I’ve never travelled with Topdeck before but this trip looks amazing. Keen to meet some fellow nature/wildlife lovers!


Hi Nicole!
Great to hear that you’ve booked onto the trip!

I am definitely excited at the prospect of seeing bears! I also want to go killer whale watching (perhaps in Vancouver island) either before or after the tour if you fancy coming with :blush:


For sure! I am planning on staying another two weeks after the trip so would definitely love to go to Vancouver Island :grinning:


Fab :clap:t3: :grimacing:


I just booked this tour! I’m from Melbourne, Australia : )
Looking forward to meeting everyone!