Canadian Rockies 6 August 2017


Anybody doing the Canadian Rockies tour departing on the 6th August 2017 in Vancouver?


Hey! Sure am!
Where are you travelling from?


From Sydney, Australia! Yourself?


Hey my boyfriend and I are travelling from brisbane to vancouver on the 5th. Can’t wait for the trip :slight_smile:


Hey Lisa.

First of all, less than one day in Vancouver, make it count lol! Second of all, do you have Facebook? There is an inactive FB group for this trip if you want me to add you in?


Haha we have a whole night and half a day when we get back from the tour then we fly to Europe for a month. Yes please add me that sounds great!


I sent a friend request. Lisa the nurse in Brisbane with a boyfriend name Sam? Accept it, lol, and I’ll add you to the group.


Hey, I’m on the Rockies tour leaving on the 6th of august!
Thought it was about time I looked if there was a group started for it.
Would love to be added to the facebook group :slight_smile:


Happy Canada day Laura! Sure I’ll add you! Which city you from? It might make it easier to find you.


I’ll be on the tour as well! Could someone please add me to the group? My name on Facebook is Allison Newell. My email for Facebook is incase you can’t find me by name. Looking forward to meeting you all :slight_smile:


Hey can’t seem to find you. Which city you live in?