Canadian Rockies 3rd of September to 13th of September 2018


So I know it’s suuuuper early (like, a good 10 months away) but, I have booked onto the 3rd of September to 13th of September 2018 Topdeck tour! Just wondering if anyone else has booked onto this tour?

I’m very excited! I’m 22 years old and travelling from Queensland, Australia! This is my second topdeck trip (first was in NZ in 2014) but this is my first time visiting Canada :smiley:


Hi!! I’m looking to book the tour Canadian rockies for these dates as well! First time topdeck tour but went to Canada last year.
I’m from Melbourne, Australia and turning 21 this year!


Oh cool! Topdeck tours (or at least the one I was on) are really fun! I’m so excited eeeeek :slight_smile:


Hey Guys, I just booked this trip last night.

Kim 25 from Melbourne. Will be my second Top Deck :slight_smile:


I’ve just booked for this trip as well! 24 from Perth - first time to Canada!


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