Canadian Rockies 29 May 2016


Hi Everyone! I’ve recently booked this trip and was wondering if anyone else was booked too? It’s going to be an epic trip, so would love to meet all the like minded travellers on this adventure! :slight_smile:


Ive just booked myslef in on this trip !
This will be my first solo trip, nervous but very excited !


Hi Joanna is this the west coast cruiser tour too?


Awesome :sunglasses: First solo trip for me too, but should be loads of fun! Are you just doing the Canadian Rockies Tour?.. Can’t believe it’s only a few months away now!


Is this leaving LA or Vancouver?


Hi Tony this is starting and ending in Vancouver. I’m only doing the Canadian Rockies, are you doing this tour too?


Heya :slight_smile: I’m doing the west coast cruiser. Starting LA on the 29th may then we fly to Vancouver on the 11th and do the Canadian Rockies for 11 days


Hey ! I’m booked on this trip too! Super excited :slight_smile: first solo trip! Xx


Awesome. 1 month 29 days away haha. I’ve been counting down since August last year :slight_smile: what’s ur name on facebook Bernadette? I’ll add you to our Facebook group :slight_smile:


Yay oh great thanks!

It’s bernadette frank :innocent: look forward to meeting everybody !


Wow tony! Since August last year - trip is a long time coming for you!


What’s ur profile pic?

I’m doing the west coast cruiser 29th may from Los Angeles which joins Canadian Rockies on the 11th June. :slight_smile:


Oh Cool! :slight_smile: Not long to go now, Cannot wait!!


Wohoo! Another fellow traveller, can’t wait for the trip to start, it will be loads of fun :smile:


Yay can’t wait!! My profile picture is me in an orange dress - brunette chick haha


I just realized I’m on the Rockies tour from 29th of May-8th June !
Tony I won’t see you …
Angelica are you doing the same tour as me or Tony lol


Yep I’m doing the Canadian Rockies Tour from the 29 May to 8 June too, Yay! :smiley: I’m heading to Vancouver a couple of days earlier from Sydney, what about you?


Oh yay!!! Good to hear :smile: I’m getting excited it’s not far away …
I’m also heading to Vancouver a few days earlier - I think at this stage anyway . I lived in Melbourne but flying to LA from brissy .
Have you been in touch with many others doing the same tour ? X


Awesome! I’ve only had the opportunity to unofficially ‘meet’ those that had replied to this thread :stuck_out_tongue: But I’ve been told it’s a pretty full tour so should be fun!


wow yes, im doing the same trip!! :smiley: also leave sydney to LA a couple days earlier then heading to Vancouver and staying there for a couple more days before going on the trip :smiley: yay !!