Canadian Rockies 24th July 2016


Hey I am looking at booking the Canadian Rockies tour for 24th July 2016. I will be travelling solo and wondered who else is already booked on this? Thanks :slight_smile:


Me and my girlfriend are gonna be going on same tour. This your first tour with topdeck? :slight_smile:


Hey im fairly certain that my tour joins up with this one. Im doing the 28 day west coast cruiser. Flying in from san fran and meet up with next tour.
This is my first solo trip overseas. Im 24 and from melbourne Australia.


Hi, I am also booked on this tour and travelling solo, from South Australia.


Are you getting excited? Is this your first solo trip or tour?


Heaps excited. No, this is my second solo trip. I did a Contiki through the UK about 5 years ago. Had a blast.


hey thinking about taking this trip. I am from sydney, any of you getting to vancouver few days earlier?


Hi Ash. I’m getting into Vancouver on the Friday in the afternoon. But after the tour I will be heading to Victoria for 4 days and then back in Vancouver for 4 days.


i’d make a group but closer to date, for now people can add me on fb - Ash DK

see can catchup before the tour


Gonna also be in vancouver two days before the start of the tour :slight_smile:


I’m also booked on this tour and travelling solo from New Zealand :blush:


I’ve just booked onto this tour. Coming from the UK. Travelling solo. Never used Topdeck before. Anyone know what they are like?


Hi Ash

Whats your full name so I can add you on FB.

Or you can add me. Justine Aldersey


Where bout the UK mate?
Fleeing the typical Scottish weather myself :joy:


Me and my boyfriend are going to be on this tour :slight_smile: We can’t wait to meet you all!


I cant wait to meet you all :smile:


Same. Cant wait for some amazing adventures. Is anyone staying and touring around Canada after the tour ends?


Im staying an extra day. Wanting to see a few things like suspension bridge. Staying at the hotel where we finish that topdeck suggested


Is anyone else traveling by themselves and keen to meet up the day before the tour to explore Vancouver a bit? :blush:


Sorry mate haven’t checked this in weeks.

From Leeds but worked in Scotland for two years, so I understand your desire to escape the weather.

Where about’s in Scotland are you from?