Canadian Rockies 21/8/2016


Hey, has anyone booked in for this trip also? Let me know if you are I am travelling solo so would be great to chat to a few people before it starts :smile: . I’ll be traveling from Melbourne - I’m pretty excited!!


Hi Patrice, I’m booked in for this trip and am travelling solo too. I’m travelling from Christchurch.
Have you ever traveled before?


Also travelling solo, from Brisbane. I’ll be Vancouver 2 days before and after if you know of anything I should check out, let me know.


Hi guys

I have also booked on this flight, I will be travelling from London to Vancouver on the 19th August for the trip. If anyone is around before the trip and wants to check out some sites, grab a drink etc then let me know!

Really excited for this trip, it has been on my bucket list for a while!



Hey guys,

I am also travelling solo on this Topdeck, I will be be arriving in Vancouver on the 18th, would be cool to meet some early birds also!! Also wondering where abouts any of you guys are staying before the tour, let me know, haven’t booked accommodation yet :smile:


Hi guys, My name is Andrew, I just booked onto this trip, i see some of you posted a while ago but it would be great if i can get in contact with some (if not all) of you before the trip starts, I’m 31 years old and from the UK , i have not booked my flight yet but i will be doing that within the next few days. I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully any future poster’s on here that come forward :slight_smile:



I am 27 years old and will be flying over from London for the trip. I need to check my flight details but should get in late on the 18th and would be excited to meet anyone who also arrives early.

I am pretty bad at checking the message board so if anyone wants to get in touch my personal e-mail is and my mobile number is 07557658488. You can always find me on Facebook too, my name is Victoria Shanks (I have a photo of a Powerpuff girl as my profile pic!)

Looking forward to hearing from you and meeting you all soon



Oh I just checked- I arrive on the 19yh August and staying at the Best Western Chateau Granville… It is the hotel the trip leaves from!!



Hey all! I’d love to catch up with anyone who’s going to be around the evening before - I’ll be arriving on the 20th, and will also be staying at the Best Western Chateau Granville.

I’m also pretty curious in what everyone else is going with their trips before/after this tour? - I’ve only locked my big flights for this trip so far. I’m looking to stay in Vancouver for a few days after, then probly Old Quebec City > Montreal > Toronto > New York > Vancouver > Home

Also feel free to add me to fb as well I’m Patrice Hunt (b&w photo with a cute puppy who looks like a panda)


Hi! I’m thinking of booking this trip too! Im coming from Sydney Australia hoping to do this trip before I start an exchange semester at Queens :slight_smile:


Hi Maddie, nice to hear from you, let us know if you definitely do book it, it’s great that a few people have come forward already :smile:


Hi! So ended up being last person to get a spot on this trip :slight_smile: Looking forward to it.
I’ll create a fb page in the next few days so that we can all chat.

You can add me on fb;


Hey - The countdown is on for this one… Feel free to add me on facebook, i’ll be getting into Vancouver a couple of day before and am thinking of going up to Grouse Mountain and walking the Capilano Suspension Bridge if anyone else is keen…


I’m travelling solo too. I’m from Melbourne and I am doing this before I go on exchange at McMaster

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I am coming from Melbourne too and I have a spare week before it starts which I am thinking of going to North America for a week anyone want to do it with me? I want to find a tour that is doing a week around LA, Grand canyon, L, san fran …
otherwise be cool to meet up or chat before Canadian Rockies! Im travelling solo…first time. eeek! I wanted to do the 25 day USA and Canada but could only get 3 weeks off work.
Talk soon!


Hey all,

I’m Jax, 27 and from London - just paid in full today for the trip and am mega excited about it! Only 2 months to wait! This is just a holiday for me and arriving the day before the trip sets off. I’ve got another night in Vancouver at the end, so definitely up for checking out the city with everyone. I want to do the Capilano Bridge too :slight_smile:

If anyone still needs to book their flights, then feel free to get in touch with me, I work in travel so can sort you out a cheap deal!

Look forward to meeting you soon! xx


Hi Amy & Jax (and everyone else who comes forward before the trip)

great to hear from more people also going on the trip!, feel free to add me on facebook :

it appears you can only post 3 reply’s per thread, as this is my third one, it seems i’m unable to paste anything new without editing a old post,

Look forward to hearing from you all :slight_smile:


Hi! I ended up booking the trip! So excited!! Is there a fb group already up and going for this?


Hi Everyone!

I’ve created a fb group:

May need to add me first so i can add you to the group :slight_smile:


Hi!! I’m Lucy, 21 also coming solo! So excited, arriving in Vancouver on 20th x