Canadian rockies 20th aug 2018 & Star spangled banner aug 3 2018


Hey! Just seeing who else is on this trip!
Does anyone have any idea of prices of either of the hell rides? & the other optional activities?
No idea how much to save!

Cant wait! :slight_smile:


I’ve Just booked in for the Canadian Rockies 20th August departure!, I’m so excited!

Sorry I have no idea regarding the optional activities.


Hey there! On the 2017 tours the rafting in Golden was around $120, the Icefield Heli Ride was $200, renting a bike in Jasper varies on the type of bike but was around $50 for a day. The zipline at Whistler again depends on your selection but is around $200 (but well worth it!). You can check out the tours at!! Hope this helps… Brian the TopDeck Driver.


Hi all I’m pumped and excited for Canadian Rockies aug20-30 trip


Hello, is anyone staying in Vancouver an extra Day? I’m wanting to see orcas (killer whales) in Vancouver . Yet unsure about going on my own before the trip. If anyone is keen. :slight_smile:


Hey there
Im interested also seeing some whales also. when are your arriving in vancouver. before the tour begins


hey check on your booking info page . optional activites is on the trip note info page


After the tour I was thinking. They don’t do it as an extra activity. So I would have to stay another day when the tour finishes and do it by myself


Where are you from? :slight_smile:


I would be keen to do whales!!! I leave on the 31st but on a 11pm flight so could do that daytime?? Xx


Where you staying before and after our trip ? Im booked to stay at the samsun Vancouver backpackers hostel.18th to 20thaug and 30th to 1st sep

So much to see in vancouver
Orcas whale watch is definitely a must do for me
Tours cost around $130 for 3hr tour


I am staying at the hostel from the tour! I do have extra days off work but flights are booked to leave the day after :frowning: wish I could change them now!


what day you fly in ?


From Australia


The day before :frowning: but I’ve messaged my agent to see if I could extend for a day! I’ll let you know, if it’s not too expensive I’ll do that!