Canadian Rockies 18/9/16


I am thinking about booking this trip and i was wondering if anyone else has booked this?
If anyone else has been on this is it worth doing and what are the highlights? :smile:


Hey. Ive booked onto this one. Really looking forward to it! Looking for someone else thats booked onto it. Where will you be travelling from?


I will be travelling from Brisbane, Australia. What about you?


Hey. Im travelling from the UK!

Pretty nervous. Never done anything like this before! When would you be getting there? Im flying in the day before the tour starts then am in vancouver for a few days after before heading off elsewhere in canada :blush:


Hi! I just booked! I’m traveling from Canberra, Australia! Can’t wait!


Ill probably get there on the day of the tour :smile:

woo are you travelling solo? I did a solo topdeck NZ tour and it was such a good way to get thrown into making new friends :smile:


I get there the day before the tour starts :blush: Im flying in from london. This is my first time travelling on my own. Kinda nervous!!!


Actually - my first time travelling!!!


Hi Everyone I’m Amy.

My partner and I have just booked this tour. Super Excited. I have set up a facebook group so we could all get to know each other a bit before we go and see what plans people have for before and after the tour.

We will be travelling from Perth, Australia we have some time in the USA before and after the tour. Will get to Vancouver the day before and spend an extra couple of days there after.

If you would like me to add you to the face book group let me know your details so I can find you or you can look the group up and request I add you Canadian Rockies 18th Sep 2016 Depature.

Look forward to meeting you all.



Hey guys! I booked this tour a couple of weeks ago!! Really looking foward for the trip. Will be travelling solo from Brazil.
I’ll get to Vancouver the day before and will stay for a couple of days after the tour before heading back home.
Would love to be included on the Facebook group, please add me Larissa Cabañero
Look foward to meeting you all.




I think I have found you on FB have messaged you let me know if you haven’t got it :smile: