Canadian Rockies 17 Sep 2017


Hi all! My name is Emily and from Brisbane, Australia! Anyone booked on Canadians Rockies for 17 Sep 2017? Would love to hear from anyone going! Super excited!


Hey Emily,

My name is Laura and i’m from Melbourne, Australia. I have booked this trip as well! I’m super excited too!


Hey Emily/Laura,

My name is Candice and I’m from Perth, I’m doing the West Coast Cruiser tour which will meet up with your group on the 17th. So excited! Are you both travelling solo?


Hi Laura! Awesome! That is great! Are you travelling solo?


Hi Candice! I’ll be travelling solo. What about you? Have you gone with Topdeck before?


Hey Emily/Candice,

Yes I will be traveling solo aswell!


Hi Guys!!

So glad i found this thread!

I am Jo, from UK doing this tour solo as well! Looking forward to it already!!



Hey guys!

I am so excited that I found this thread! I’m thinking about booking on this trip. I’m from Brisbane :slight_smile: Have you guys done a topdeck tour before? I’m travelling solo for the first time so I’m a tad nervous haha.


Hello, I am Nikki from the Gold Coast, I am looking at booking this trip as well. It looks amazing. I have done top deck in NZ and loved it. Are any of you having a few days in Vancouver before hand?


Hi all,

I did Topdeck coast to coast USA last summer and it was AMAZING so i knew i would go with them again!! Having a couple of days in Vancouver after the trip if anyone else is? Only land the day before we start though haha! Is anyone else staying in Canada long term after? My 2 year working holiday visa starts when the trip does!! Jo xx


Hi, I’m Elle- from Townsville, Australia. I’m booked in for the Canadian Rockies tour on the 17th too. I’ll be arriving into Vancouver on about the 14th so would be keen to catch up with anyone who was also there early. I’m travelling solo too. I’ve done a few of topdeck tours and they have all been fantastic!


Hi Elle,

I am arriving mid afternoon in Vancouver on the 15th! Staying at the HI Vancouver for 2 nights before the trip starts!

Would definitely be keen to meet up beforehand!

Jo x


Hi Jo,

I’m staying in Vancouver for a couple of days after trip :slight_smile: So glad to hear you’ve enjoyed other topdeck trips! That is super exciting you’ve got a working visa.



Hi, I was interested in these dates however the book now option has been replaced with a contact us button. Does anyone know if this means the trip is full?


Hi Amy,

Brilliant - definitely explore Vancouver some more after the trip then!

Question to everyone - have you all got a Canadian Sim card sorted? Tried asking Topdeck about it because the link in our trip notes seems to take me to get a US one, and they just said its nothing to do with them and a US one wont work in Canada.

Any advice would be great :slight_smile:

Ps: slow day at work so i just googled all our accommodation on the trip, looks great!

Already too excited haha x


Hi Jo,

I haven’t even looked into getting a sim yet, my travel agent suggested a travel sim but haven’t decided yet. I was assuming there will be heaps of wi-fi everywhere :confused:
Where can you find out the names of the accommodation for our trip? Do you have facebook or anything? :slight_smile:



Hello! I’m not sure if this will be helpful, but I was in USA & Toronto last year. I took my T-Mobile SIM and it automatically transferred to Bell Mobile CA when I arrived in Toronto. :slight_smile:

[Haven’t booked just yet, but most likely will be joining you all :smiley: ]


Hi Amy, Accommodation is now all listed under trip notes in your account! :slight_smile: Very exciting!

Thanks Ally, I may just see if my network i have here transfers to a Canadian one then, and can always look at getting a sim once i am there!

Jo x


Hi everyone!

Me again.

Just letting you all know i am staying at the Hi Vancouver Central from 15th Sep - 17th Sep. Its pretty good value for money for both dorms and private rooms if anyone is still looking for accommodation before the trip starts! Its also only a 2 minute walk to the Best western Plus Chateau Granville where we meet for the trip too!

Let me know if anyone will be around any time before the trip and we can get some meet ups organised :slight_smile:


Yes, I did it already. I hope next month I will get my visa. :slight_smile: Actually I was trying to get a job visa in Canada. I was trying to find a better and secure platform to apply. And hopefully I got it. I applied via an online visa processing website

Glad to get my visa approved. lol