Canadian Rockies 15/05/16


Anyone else booked on this yet !!


Hey, I have booked thus one! I’m going solo! So nervous but excited! Anyone else?


hey im on this too :slight_smile:



I am planning on booking on to this trip soon! So excited!

Good to know some people are already booked on! :slight_smile:

I am also travelling solo, from the UK :slight_smile:


yey that’s so exciting. im travelling solo from Melbourne Australia. My email is
if you want to chat beforehand :slight_smile:


My cousin and I are booked on this :slight_smile: both from Canberra, Australia.


Hey guys!

So excited for the trip! Not long now!

I was thinking we could maybe create a group on Facebook before we go?! What do you guys think? :smile:


Hey guys!
I just booked this too, solo from Sydney :slight_smile:

Super excited to meet you all!


Heyy! That’s great, just under two months to go now!! Cant wait :smiley:


Hi Everyone!

Im also a solo traveller from Toowoomba in Queensland! Can’t wait! I’ve always wanted to travel to Canada!


Hi! I’m a solo traveller from England


Hi im thinking of booking onto this trip, has anyone gone with topdeck before?


No I’ve never been on top deck before, but my friend has done i think nearly the exact trip and had a fantastic time! I’ve done a Contiki before - and it was pretty full on with a bit of a younger crew than me.


Hi guys! I booked this one too, solo traveller from Perth WA looking forward to meeting you all :smile:


Good idea, let me know if you do! I have a few days in Vancouver before the trip starts so would love to catch up beforehand


Hey Florence! I have travelled with top deck before in New Zealand and they are awesome!! I loved the trip so much that’s why I want to travel with them again!


My email is if anyone wants to chat before the trip! I suggested a Facebook group but not sure that will work cause I don’t know everyone’s full names on Facebook!


hey amber Im flying into Vancouver on 12th late if you wanted to catch up before the tour :grinning:


Hey that sounds great :smile: My email is if you want to chat or fb, I arrive on the 12th as well so will be wanting to do a lot of exploring, a lot better with someone else!


I created a fb group if you guys want to look for it and join :slight_smile: I just called it Canadian Rockies 15/05/16 or the link is