Canadian Rockies 14 May 2017


Hey Travelers,
I know that it is early haha but myself and 3 other friends are booked and traveling on this departure. I am from Torquay Victoria and my 3 other friends are from South Australia - if anyone is interesting in chatting before we take off that would be awesome!
Take it easy…:slight_smile:


I’m counting down to this trip. I live in Perth.
It’s my first overseas trip so any travel info would be most helpful.


Hi Tracey,
That’s awesome very exciting! Are you going anywhere else before or after? Are you traveling Solo? :slight_smile:


Hey guys, I’ll see you there as well! I’m a kiwi living in Sydney these days.

It’ll be my third topdeck tour, if the first two were anything to go by this will be an awesome couple of weeks. :slight_smile:


Hi All!!

I just signed up for this tour today!! Super excited! Im going solo and from Perth :smile: Can’t wait!!

Anyone doing anything before or after tour?


Awesome, see you there as well!

I’m floating around the area the week leading up to the tour, doing the Vancouver Marathon the weekend before we meet up before catching up with family that live over there. Have a few days spare afterwards as well, pretty much making it up as I go during those times.



Hi Nancy, we will be in Vancouver 3 nights pre-tour and in LA prior to that. Are you doing anything beforehand?


I fly into NYC first so will spend a week or so there… I might fly to Vancouver a few days before the tour starts and stay back a few days afterwards… maybe we can meet up and explore the city together before the tour starts? I will have 2 and a bit weeks after the tour to kill in America (which I haven’t set anything in stone yet and might wing the whole trip in case I meet people who wanna hang and do the same things as me).

I can’t wait to meet you guys!! :grin::grin::grin:


Hi All
I also just got confirmed on this tour!! Yay!! I can’t wait this will be my first time solo overseas and I’m also from Sydney! Can’t wait to meet you all! :laughing:



Hey Everyone!

I’m also on this trip and so excited!! I’m from Canada, but thought it would be cool to see more of the rocky side. This is my second Topdeck Tour, I went earlier this year to Europe and meet a lot of great Australians and Kiwis, so I look forward to meeting all of you guys!



Welcome to the party! :slight_smile:

Out of interest, would anyone like a facebook page set up for this group? I’ve found it a lot easier to communicate with each other as well as getting to know the folks you’re on the trip with.


Hi everyone,
Im from sydney and its my first time traveling alone. So excited to see canada n meet everyone.


Hi Dan, great idea… I hope you don’t mind I did it quickly this morning and added my 3 friends in.
Facebook Group group link below: :slight_smile:


Yayyyy!! thanks for creating the group Aleisha! I just requested to join :hugs:


Sweet this is such an awesome idea! Just requested to join!!


Hi, I am MJ from Malaysia living in Melbourne, I am travelling to LA on 29 April, and arriving in Vancouver on 12 May, let me know if you guys are doing anything pre-tour in Vancouver =)