Canadian Rockies 12 - 22 June 2016


Hey People,

I’m Chelsea and I’m from Sydney, Australia.

I’ve just booked this tour and was thinking about starting a Facebook page. Is anyone interested? If so I could organise a possible meetup before leaving?



Hi Chelsea is this part of West coast cruiser leaving from Vancouver?


Hey Tony,
I do believe it is :smile:


Awesome. I’ve already set up a Facebook group page. It’s called top deck west coast cruiser tour. I’m tony Mcclelland. Got a couple girls on there already we are doing the tour starting from Los Angeles on the 29th. I’m so looking forward to it.
12th june is my birthday too haha. Rebecca is on there she is from perth. Chat on facebook :slight_smile:


What’s ur last name Chelsea I’ll add you to the page :slight_smile:


Accommodation itenary is out chelsea :slight_smile:



I’m Bel from Perth Australia just booked this the other day. :smile:


Hi all,
My name is Brooke and I’m from Canberra, Australia. I also just recently booked this tour. I’ll be travelling solo for the first time and am super excited to see Canada.


Go to. Top deck west coast cruiser tour facebook page and we can all chat on there :slight_smile:


the page isn’t coming up when I search it.


What’s your full name I’ll add you. Might be easier. Rebecca from perth is on there too :slight_smile:


Top deck tour
West coast cruiser

I’m tony Mcclelland the admin guy haha :slight_smile:


Bel garrood, oh cool.


I can’t find the facebook group either…


That’s strange brooke. Should be the only one. What’s ur name I’ll ad you too :slight_smile:


Brooke Harrigan, thanks!


Hi everyone, I’m Bree from Canberra, Australia. I booked on this tour yesterday (really excited :blush:). This is my first time travelling solo.

I’ve tried looking for the Facebook page mentioned above but having no luck…


Hi bree. That’s awesome. Yea people have trouble finding the page. What’s your name and I’ll ad you :slight_smile:


Thank you :blush: It’s Bree Rowley.


I’ve booked this tour today…super excited. Noticed there’s a fb group…but not sure if it’s for the Canadian Rockies tour or Western cruiser (25 days)…im only doing the rockies.

Love to stay in touch with fellow travellers on this tour!

2 months n 5 days…counting down :smiley: