Canadian Rockies 10/07/16


Hey, has anyone booked in for this trip yet?? I am getting in super early :stuck_out_tongue: Let me know if you are I am travelling solo so would be great to chat to a few people before it starts.


Hey. I’m on this trip too. Booked early as well. Super excited. Travelling solo too from Australia.@Nat22


Awesome :slight_smile: I’m coming for Aus as well from Sydney :slight_smile: it looks like an awesome trip I can’t wait! are you getting to Vancouver a few days earlier?


@Nat22 I’m coming from Darwin. Yeh I’ll be there two days before to explore Vancouver. I’m doing a tour in the states before this one. I’m super excited :grinning:.


@Lozz_a I’ll be there 3 days earlier as well :slight_smile: oh cool the states will be awesome I have been there twice in the last year I hope NYC is one of your stops it’s my fave place!


@Nat22 this is my first time to states so no New York this time (in sad). Just doing west coast. Cool. Closer too we should arrange to meet up for a drink. I’m just going to explore for the few days before to see Vancouver as I fly out pretty quickly back to work. What are you plans when there before?


Yes sounds like a great idea :slight_smile: states is great anywhere you go (I think) no major plans as yet but I do want to go killer whale watching while I’m there it’ll be amazing to see them in the wild! Feel free to add me on Facebook when ever you like before the trip Natalie ahearn :slight_smile:


Killer whale watching will be amazing, that off Vancouver island ? I got a tad excited and started googling. I want to visit
-Capilano Suspension Bridge
-Stanly park
-Victoria island
Unsure if I will fit it all in, in the 2 and a bit days before the tour starts. But I will try!


Hi Ladies im Natasha from Sydney traveling on this trip as well. So excited. I will be doing another tour before this one so will probably get in a day before the tour. Would be keen to meet up with you prior to the tour if you are up for it either a drink, dinner or sightseeing maybe?


Yeah it is off Vancouver island or victoria island, think it depends on the company I choose :slight_smile:
All of those things sound awesome, I am really keen to see the suspension bridge as well!!

from all my research it seems like an awesome place… July can’t come quick enough!!

I’m planning on doing the stampede as well so need to figure out how to get tix for it


@Tiger85tash I’m from Sydney as well :slight_smile: sounds like a great idea it’ll be good to meet a few people before the tour starts.


I’m super excited. This is my first time travelling solo so I just want it to be here already. I haven’t used top deck before Have you @nat22 ? Im keen for suspension bridge, maybe something we can do before hand with anyone else who is there early and wants to meet up first. @tiger85tash what tour are you doing before? I’m doing one in the states beforehand too.
Isn’t the stampeded included in this tour for us, I’m sure it was (read in the book), so we can get tickets with top deck when we get going?

I’m unsure about things and have many questions as first time (like I said before) but SUPER excited!


I’m pretty sure the tickets for stampede we could get from our tour manager if it is not already included in our tour which it may be as it is a special stampede tour departure. I would be interested in doing the suspension bridge as well. I’m doing the USA and Canada Adventure the 22nd June-2nd July it starts in NYC. Excited to have some Aussie girls on tour, I’m sure we will have an amazing time. Nat where in Sydney are you from?


Just checked online, the stampede is listed as an optional extra for Calgary


@nat22 and @Tiger85tash are you staying in the accomodation top deck suggest before or your own choice? I’m staying in what top deck has prior to tour. Woo Aussies on tour. Looks like we are all interested in the suspension bridge, shall be fun! What do you both do for work?


I haven’t booked accomodation yet as when I booked the tour it was too early but I’m going to book the top deck hotel. It’s a lot easier. I would also be interested in Victoria Island and anything else that’s fun before the tour that your guys are considering doing, so much better to do sightseeing with others. I’m 30 and I work in Hospitalty and Events and I also study Event Management


Cool. I’ll be in topdeck accomodation too. A girl I went to uni with now lives on Victoria Islaand and owns a coffee shop so I thought I’d visit Victoria island just to say hi and have coffee. Heard it’s beautiful too. I leave the day after the tour. I’m a teacher so I need to get back to work :confused: I’m 30 too


@Tiger85tash @Lozz_a, lets definitely organise some sight seeing together :slight_smile: the only thing I’ll really have booked in is my killer whale watching. I am 26 and a vet nurse I live on the Central coast Natasha. how about you??

I haven’t used top deck before, have travelled solo to america last year so much fun. Looking forward to meeting new people

I was looking at getting an air bnb place close to where we have to meet for the tour but may end up staying at the hotel

I am going to email them soon out the stampede just to make sure I don’t have to organise tickets earlier because I’d hate to miss out but I’m sure they have some tickets for us to purchase


I just got an email (I booked with a travel agent) to tell me what hotel was for pre and post accomodation so I’m googling that today. I’m on holidays currently so I am researching and getting a little bit too excited!


Yeah I looked up the hotel it looks pretty good, also has good trip advisor reviews :slight_smile: I think it will definitely be easiest to stay there before the trip since our meeting time is so early! and hopefully it will be easier for us to arrange sightseeing if we are all in the same place :slight_smile:

I am so excited it’ll be here in no time