Canadian passport renewal?


[color=0000ff]Hey all,

I’m going on the Winter Getaway tour at the beginning of November, and plan to renew my passport before then even though it’s valid until March 2011, since there’s at least one country I’ll be visiting that seems to have a 3-month validity rule rather than 6. I was noticing on the Canadian passport website though that in order to do the simplified renewal process, your passport has to have been valid for 5 years, and issued within the last 6. Since my original passport was issued in March 2006, and therefore obviously valid for less than 5 years, would I still be eligible for simplified renewal, and if not how far in advance should I apply for a new passport to make sure I get it by the end of October? If there are any Canadians here who have been in a similar situation, or are familiar with the process, any info would be appreciated! I’ve found lots of info about the passport renewal process itself, but nothing about simplified renewal if your passport has been valid less than 5 years. Thanks in advance!



Hi Kathleen,

I worked in a Member of Parliament’s office and the quickest way to renew your passport is to take the application to their constituency office and they can then send it on to their office in Ottawa which can forward it to the passport office. This speeds up the mailing process and you then have a paper trail. The MPs office should also be able to tell you how long it will take but I think for a simple renewal you should have plenty of time but I would work on it right away just to be sure.

Hope this helps