Can I get off a tour before it goes back to UK?


After my Grand European trip I am wanting to go straight back to France (not back to England), so to save time and money of crossing the English Channel again, is it possible for me to just get off the bus at whichever port the ferry leaves from and take a train or something to Paris?

And if so, is this port (from where the ferry goes back to the UK) the one in Calais (France) or Ostend (Belgium)?

And I know it’s hard to judge, but does anyone know an approximate time (morning/afternoon/evening/night) the bus would get to this port? On our tour’s last day we leave from Amsterdam to go to Brugge then to the port I guess… Not sure how long that would take? Just don’t want to be stranded there at night!

Thanks :slight_smile:


I believe the port will be Calais, France, not Belguim.
Shouldnt be a problem getting off in France, as people on my tour did the same thing. Youd be best to contact Topdeck staff and let them know, however I dont believe this will reduce your package price as it is worked out on a total package, not just individual links.
Even if you dont get a reduced price you would still be ahead as you wouldnt have to get back from London to France, as you would have to anyway.
Enjoy your trip!