Can I bring my Guitar on Euroclub tour?



I’m going on the Summer fun and Sailing Euroclub tour and in the information pack it indicated that I can only bring 1 bag of Luggage and one hand luggage item - I was wondering if bringing my guitar as well would be possible. I would hate to show up with it and have to leave it somewhere. Also, it makes me happy and it would be the longest i have gone without playing in a long time if I am unable to!



Hey Josh!

As long as you play a song for us (and video it!) it will be sweet as!

Very cool. You may have to chuck it under the bus so I wouldn’t bring a really fancy one :slight_smile:

Happy travels & music making!

Topdeck Team ;D


Thanks for getting back to me!


Hey Josh
Are you going on the Summer Fun & Sailing on 11th May?
I am and play a bit of guitar too so would be cool if you are!
Cheers :slight_smile:



I know this question has been asked before but wanted to double check with admin staff!

I’m doing the Summer Fun and Sailing Tour from the 13th of July and my suitcase is slightly over in dimensions, will this be ok? I assume so if extra guitars are alright :slight_smile:



Hi Bec,

If you’re slightly over in the dimensions it will okay as long as you are under the 20kg limit.

Happy travel,

Topdeck Team




Hi, same question but with European Pioneer and a ukulele? haha