Campsites - Washing and Internet


hey [br]a random question to those that have been on a camping trip.[br]im trying to decide what clothes to take for three weeks, but wanted to know how often you guys managed to wash your clothes at the campsites. [br]also did some of the sites have internet access to upload photos etc?[br] thanks[br][br][br]Europe Unplugged[br]22nd Aug - 12 Sept 2009[br]


Hey Cam,[br][br]Im trying to work this out as well - hope someone can help!! [br][br]Also does anyone know where we can find out what campsites we actually stay at in each city??[br][br]Have fun on your trip[br][br]:wink: if you obey all the rules you miss all the fun[br][br]* Pamplona 6 Day Fiesta 2009[br]* Athens to London July 13 2009