Hi everyone :slight_smile:
I’m going on the Athens to London camping trip on the 7th June (anyone else going on that one??) anyways I am a bit nervous about camping, and although I think I can handle going a bit native, I’m wondering are there places in the campsites where things like hairdryers and straighteners can be used? I’m assuming there are going to be shower and toilet blocks, they’d have electrical outlets there? anyways I’m sure it’ll be an experience,and I’m really excited!! ;D


Hi Laura,

I’m doing the same tour as you! i’ve never done a camping tour before but feeling really excited about it. =D well seeeya!



Hi Charissa, i’mhappy to have made contact with someone else on the tour!


Hey Laura-- my sister and I are big campers and are heading out on the Europe Unplugged Tour at the beginning of May. AFter searching the forum, it has become clear that most of the campsites are VERY well equipped. Facilities are available at all of them (although some of the showers may be coin operated) but electrical outlets will surely be available!

Good Luck! Sounds like an amazing tour!


Head into your local Paddy Palin / Kathmandu / Snowgum etc for little things that can make life really easy.


  1. A camping hair dryer (they fold up to use less space in your pack)
  2. Two towels (one for showers and the other for swimming - beaches and pools at the campgrounds)
  3. Two camping clothes lines to string between your tent poles to dry undies and towels overnight
  4. Maglite - perfect for getting around dark campgrounds
  5. Travel pillow



Thanks for that information akanders and anastasia!!


Thank Anasatasia ! Travel pillow - maybe I like it.


Head torch, large microfibre towel and packing cells were life savers on my camping trip