Hey All,[br][br]I’ve heard a lot on these forums about the hostels that the EuroClub tours stay in - but was wondering if there was anyone out there who did a camping trip??[br][br]I’m doing the 47 day Mega European (May 17th 09) - and was wondering what the tents, camp grounds, air beds etc are like?? [br][br]Also is there any where to charge camera batteries and phones when you’re camping??[br][br]Thanks heaps ;D[br][br]Lou


Hey Lou[br][br]I did the mega european 3rd august this year and had an absolute blast!!! Except got a little over the camping business at times, but still would recommend it. Tents are great as long as they are put up correctly, air beds are pretty good quality just dont use them on the rocks (as some ppl did and wondered why they ended up with leaks) Some camp grounds are better than others Rome is awesome (also because you use permanent tents rather than put up your own) Venice isnt too bad either with a pool…except its also next door to the airport. The french campsite werent the best expecially in Avignon and Nice.[br][br]Charging you can usually use the cook tent provided you ask the cook first…but some bathrooms at the campsites you can charge your things…but remember everyone wants to charge so usually there is a big line so try not to rely on it too much and bring a multi adaptor might make things easier. [br][br]Hope this helps a bit, you will have a blast…anything else just ask :slight_smile:


Hey Hayles,[br][br]Thanks for the info :)[br][br]What are the bathroom facilities like at the camps - toilets, showers etc??[br][br]Also is washing a problem - I kinda wanna take as few clothes as possible so I’ve got more room to buy stuff![br][br]If I think of any other questions I’ll definitley ask![br][br]Thanks again :)[br][br]Lou[br][br]Mega European [br](May 2009)


Hi, I did the southern nomad (london to venice) camping trip last year. It was awesome… u get a great atmosphere with camping trips cause ours had a lot of ppl traveling alone or in pairs but happy to hang out with the rest of us. Italy had the best campsites (beware the stairs to get to the one in florence though) but rome and venice were awesome (omg best toga party ever in venice!) [br][br]Good idea to bring a camera that relies on disposable batteries or atleast has a really long battery life if u need to recharge it cause it is just to hard to recharge it very often cause only like 1-2 power points for 40 ppl and u need to keep an eye on it when its charging cause its not just topdeckers in the campsites… Also bring extra memory cards! i learnt this the hard way cause u can’t find places to burn ur photos to cd very easily![br][br]The tents were nice (u become a pro at putting them up) and air mattresses were good… food was good, trip leader, cook and driver all great! bus trips quite long at times but good time to catch up on sleep an chat with fellow travelers… trips r really good cause u can go hang out in the pub if u want but there is no pressure too… though be prepared - just cause they are bars in campsites does not mean drinks are cheap! Switerland and italy were fairly expensive (eg. rum and coke was like $10 AUD)[br][br]bathroom facilities were ok… u get used to there being no toilet seats sometimes, bring thongs to wear in the showers, hot water was generally good. Washing facilities depend on the campsite, italy has good ones but france not so much generally bring enough to last u bout a week - plenty of socks and undies though![br][br]I had an awesome trip and would recommend topdeck to anyone! It was so much fun and i meet great ppl while getting to see the most amazing places in europe![br][br]on 1 final note ( i know i wrote heaps! sorry) make sure u bring vitamins and first aid stuff cause living in tents and always being on the move and sitting in the bus and temp change all leads to getting sick… alot of the ppl on my trip (including myself) got either a cough or some type of cold while on the trip so just be aware to drink heaps of water, take vitamins and have cold and flu tablets should u need them.[br][br]Any questions let me know!


Hey Missrik,[br][br]thanks for the info! It’s fantastic. I’m getting just a little bit nervous now with 5months to go! [br][br]I’m definitely gonna stock up on Vitamins etc![br][br]Did people birng along things like ipods and laptops?? [br][br]Cheers ;D[br][br][br]Lou[br][br]Mega European [br](May 2009)


Hey, nah ppl didn’t bring laptops cause of the risk of damage/theft/ loss etc… some brought Ipods and the buses have ipod port things so everyone in the bus can listen to ur music… i was really tempted to bring a portable dvd player or ipod that can play movies/tv episodes but i’m glad i didn’t. 1) cause then i would have had to battle the recharging problems and 2) i would have been stuck in my own little world and not have got to know my fellow travellers… Ipod is prob a good idea - particularly if it is long trip cause after 10 day or so u kinda would like some chill out time… but be away that wat ever u bring should be dispensible - ie. if u lost it u wouldn’t be crying ur eyes out for the rest of the trip but would be annoyed for a while then move on… [br][br]Lou, which trip u going on?


Hey Missrik,[br][br]Thanks for the info, that’s all really good to know! The reason I ask is that my brother is an IT guy and is organising both a laptop and a iphone for me when I get to the UK (he lives there and I’m on a one way ticket). So was just wondering if either would be useful to take along.[br][br]I’ll definitely bring my ipod along I think - definitely don’t want to be anti-social - I’m there to meet as many people as I can :)but might be good for some time out or for plugging in on the bus(i’d rather not lose it but wouldn’t be heart broken if I do). [br][br]I’m booked on the Mega European Camping trip (47 days) - leaving London 17th May 09. So it’s a really long trip! [br][br]Thanks ;D[br][br]Lou[br][br]Mega European [br](May 2009)